Building a BiG NiTRO RC Helicopter

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This is my fun channel, you’ll find everything hobby related, rc cars, monster trucks, supercars, destruction and a bit of business stuff 🙂 Although a lot of my videos are RC Car videos you will also see other stuff like business, Amazon FBA, eBay, Monster truck, Cars, insurance and many other topics.

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10 Responses to “Building a BiG NiTRO RC Helicopter”

  • Freknob K:

    16:02 HAHAHhaha omg dude im dying rIGHT NOW

  • bfarm44:

    Any chance you have a spare traxxas summit collecting dust you wouldn’t mind shipping my way?

  • WastelandWanderer:

    It's a toy.

  • Ari Gunawan:

    talk too much. useless. just explain and practice it. do not talk too much

  • KingKinggTv:

    I feel bad!
    I've always affirmed the notion of "not a toy", I didn't imagine I was not helping the hobby by scaring people away, thinking this is a professional requirement.

    My concern was always in safety, and only ment for the youngsters who have no experience yet..
    Especially flying a large toy like this which has decapitated people. I do agree tho now, it is still a toy and fun should be had.

    I still don't feel right handing my controller to someone when I don't know there capabilities, or that nights alcohol intake. My RC savage X weights about 8-10lb, with its street tires and 3 speed it easily goes over 50mph. Its zero concern for cost if the person wrecks my car, but the damage they could do to people…

  • Michael Mitchell:

    That's cool it has an os engine. Dude when you said that about girls can have their toys so can we I lost it !….lmao

  • Damian Wilkens:

    where can i buy rc car weels

  • Carlos Sandoval:

    I would like to see a 7 yr old try to put that together, nonetheless fly the thing. It's a toy, for grown ups. Hence why it's "NOT A TOY".

  • Bob Villa:

    Stop watching this guy ,your waisting you life watching others live it ,he's only able to do so because of all you fools…stop making the stupid famous.

  • daivher pepe san:

    Buy da smolest rc car

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