Swift Micro Heli Review & Maiden Flight

This 3Ch helicopter is made almost completely of metal! It should be pretty strong and resist most crashes. It also comes with some pretty cool lights. The one bad thing(which is pretty bad if not fixable by moving RX cord around) is that it gets a lot of ‘glitches’ during flight. These cause loses in power, and less control. If it didn’t have that issue, it would be an amazing helicopter for .

***UPDATE*** – After bending/repositioning the antenna it got better signal. There was still a glitch here or there, but nowhere near as bad as during this first flight.
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18 Responses to “Swift Micro Heli Review & Maiden Flight”

  • Earthling1984:

    @SuperSullz takes a little longer than 5mins

  • Pawneezr:

    E-bay, Find them super cheap from Hong Kong sellers. Bought a few for fun untill they break. Best micro Heli to use and fly's great is the 2.4ghz 4ch Nine Eagle, two Micro versions they have. The Free Spirit is smooth but not good in wind. Even the fan running pushes it around but is great inside the house. The SOLO is best and more realistic. Even flys is the wind.

  • Earthling1984:

    @squeggie23 I agree!

  • squeggie23:

    eflite blade mcx-2 no problems no glitches but more money ! but well worth it !!!!

  • Toshi:

    I used to have this heli, until the gyro didn't start up anymore, and I think there was a small pin that holds rotors kept coming off, was a known problem, it takes forever to find if you lose it!

  • joehandsome99:

    Cool little chopper.
    Not bad for the price.
    Thumbs Up ~ Eric

  • vanepico:

    why does it have an antenna if it is infra red?

  • Earthling1984:

    @bakonlicious can fly for about 5 minutes on a charge

  • Rami Slim:

    Great video, i wouldnt get it though just because stuff like that unreliable. Great video though and nice attention to detail! Merry Christmas too!

  • bakonlicious:

    How long does the batt last?

  • Earthling1984:

    @MrReptilesrock wowhobbies

  • Mitchell Fairweather:

    Where can I get this???

  • Mike Infinger:

    I have one of these, it flies great until it hits something. The USB charger works great. After I broke the blades the first time I ordered new ones off Ebay for cheap. Then I went and bought a much bigger SYMA dual blade with a Gyro. Basically the same, but head locking. I forget the transmitter type, but it's like that in a remote. The Fluorescent bulbs on your tank might be messing with it. I took mine to work and flew it around all the time.

  • shoopwhoopX:


  • ab cd:

    I had this heli and loved it but it broke, so i bought another one and the same part broke.It is realy fun to fly inside does not fly well outdoors. I would not suggest it to anyone because of the one weak part but if they could replace one little plastic bar at the top of the rotor with a metal one i would pay a extra 5 dollers and it would be worth it (even tho its probably a 5cent part). I do not like the light because they are just bling and they add no enjoyment to the heli and wastes batt.

  • TheKrazydreams:

    @earthling1984 if some one is interested in helicopters and can afford it i would recommend the E-flight cx2 or 3 if they can afford them

  • TheKrazydreams:

    @earthling1984 if some one is interested in helicopters and can afford it i would recommend the E-flight cx2 or 3

  • Earthling1984:

    @flyingchimp99 you are right. After adjusting the antenna on the helicopter a bit, I got a much better signal. I'm still getting some random glitches, but not nearly as often as on this maiden flight.

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