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Top Shelf presents a hobbie guide & review on RC helicopters for beginners. Adam goes through the basics you need to know when looking for a beginner heli and then reviews the WLToys s929/viper, WLtoys v398, WLtoys v911/Arrow and the Blade Scout to see which one lands on the top shelf.

AR Drone picture:”Ardrone-img5-front” by Nicolas Halftermeyer – Original file uploaded to by the photographer. Licensed under CC BY 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons –

Intro music: Drop and Roll (YouTube library)
Intro smoke file: video co-pilot
Clip music: Grace

Top Shelf regales you with one month reviews of games and gear, we tell you how they’ve held up with Ash and Adam bringing their usual humor with it.

We have brother beer giving you reviews on the latest beers that got him out of the forest, rated with his Grizzly Beer scoring system and lastly we’ll put you front and center at some great events.

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