Helimax Novus FP 200 Heli Review and Flight

Helimax released the Novus FP 200 helicopter not long ago and I had to give it a try. This is a fixed pitch helicopter that is just too much fun to fly. The Radio is 2.4ghz and has dual rates setup on it for new and seasoned pilots and I would suggest this helicopter for the beginner and up pilot. The flight time from the 2S lipo battery is around 8 minutes, but I would suggest buying an extra battery because you will have a blast with it.

You can purchase this helicopter online from Tower Hobbies at the following link.


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Eric Jordon

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“Chipper” and “Rock Hybrid” by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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16 Responses to “Helimax Novus FP 200 Heli Review and Flight”

  • Trevon Charpentier:

    i have one but it isn't workin u can hear the motor start up but it doesn't spin the blade any advice

  • MrMadmark11:

    This I exactly like my wl-v912 but I think my v912 is faster. Great review! Keep up the good work

  • almondjoy883:

    This is a badass heli. If u have a wide open area. Outdoor field football field or gym .. last about 10min. Can add a larger battery for 15-20min.. fast sturdy durable beast. Easy to repair. Easy to fly. Respond 100% better then dual rotor. This bitch n200 is worth the money. I like it myself. My opinion.

  • Alex Tun:

    I want this

  • Will E. Fistergash:

    Candy? can you make me a sandwich?

  • Tiger shark Godin:

    What NightFlyyer said. I ordered the heli today,your videos are great for helping folks decide what to buy.

  • panasonicultra:

    i like fp100 more better for many reason why should i wait 2 hours to charge fro play 7 minute and the price is to expensive i can buy 3d fro 120 and much bigger than this

  • Scott Lawrence:

    go to hobby tron.com and get a GYRO Hercules Unbreakable 3.5CH Electric RTF RC Helicopter..

  • Scott Lawrence:

    This is a really nice heli Ive had mine for a few weeks.. There is another problem with the design other then the fly bar hitting.. the tail ring and pinion are prone to stripping.. easy fix I used hole punch and punched out a peice of plastic that the heli comes packed in.. drill a small hole in the center.Take apart the rear tail gear box.. put your homade plastic washer between the ring gear and the bearing in the gear box.. this will keep a lil more pressure on the pinion. Great lil heli.

  • telj1:

    Nice Video! Just ordered mine from tower hobbies. It should be her by my bday this month!!!

  • cefirosky6659:


  • B Gerendash:

    All the videos are the same. Ever want to change it up a bit?

  • Tim Shank:

    Have you, or can you do a video, about R/C electrical systems–explaining mAh, C, estimating flight times etc. I think it would be a very useful video.

  • startazz:

    Come to think of it Eric i wouldn't mind trying the helis out again mate as i do miss my old blade 400 some times,but i think a quad copter might be first. 😉

  • joehandsome99:

    A beginner could learn to fly this heli, but I suggest some flight sim training or help from an experienced pilot also. Co-axial helis are the easiest to learn to fly and fixed pitch helis would be the next step. Hope this helps and thanks for watching.

  • joehandsome99:

    Thanks for sharing that. I have noticed that the flybar will hit the canopy once in a while, but you have to bang the sticks pretty good to get it to do it. As far as winds go, I have been flying it around in mild winds with little or no problem. Also the flight time on the battery is around 8 minutes which is pretty good to me. Thanks for watching and the comment.

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