BEGINNER RC HELICOPTER – JCZK 450 DFC! – How to Tutorial & Review

Trex 450 Pro Clone? – 9 Beginner “Ready to fly” helicopter with everything you need to start flying. Flying tutorial and review of the JCZK 450 DFC heli. Comes with metal DFC upgraded Heli, RadioLink ATS9 2.4ghz radio, 3S 2600mah battery, charger, soft case, and accessories.

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16 Responses to “BEGINNER RC HELICOPTER – JCZK 450 DFC! – How to Tutorial & Review”

  • CQ2144 CTUMP:

    Which is better? Jjxc 450 or tarrot 450?

  • Josh Thrasher:

    I know this is an old video but,
    If I get the heli only package, will it bind to my Jumper T16?

  • Tasneem Tasu:

    Nice helicopter

  • vincent torres:

    Hi my name is Vincent and I live in the United States ??. Absolutely love ur videos man. Very informative. I recently purchased a JCZK 300C helicopter and I have been dying to get it in the air. Unfortunately, the entire operating manual is all in Chinese. I tried to follow all the start up procedures that I have seen on UTube but every time I get it to throttle up it shuts down and starts beeping. Do u know where I can find an English Operating Manual??? Or at least explain to me what on earth am I doing wrong? The last thing I want to do is crash it on its very first maiden flight. Can u also tell me if this helicopter needs to be calibrated and how do I go about it. Please help???? Thanks.

  • Richard Cerni:

    Hey guys, I've been flying my blade 400 over the last eight years. Outdated model, I know. Logged over 1000 flights thru the same model. Parts are scarce to non existent now. Next crash will be my last flight with this model. This new model on your channel has got my eyes wide open. Is this model Align Trex compatible all the way as far as parts are concerned. That's my only main concern. I'm talking main shafts, spur gears, tail drive belts, head mechanisms and so on. Cheers.

  • Treebus-Productions:

    Hay, could you do a video on the AT9S to show all the settings for the Jczk as I dumped them off by mistake. Silly I know.

  • John Weits:

    Are the flybarless easier to set up than flybar older models?


    Not companies making actual 325mm blade 450 size anymore, I wish they keep making them

  • Richie Bricker:

    My God, That Phoenix sim is expensive. $200

  • Wibby Arief:

    Hi. Very nice explanation for beginner. I have some question. Does this heli compatible with other 450 part? Like the rotor head and also the belt? Because i found the kit on Banggood for about 100 dollar, and i'm afraid of part compatibility

  • Massimo Bordoli:

    Hallo and thank you for your video, just one questions, I can't find the port for set the giro whit the tool you show at 22:13, can you help me please?
    Thank you

  • how intesting:

    Any new coupon for this, Justin?

  • Leonardo Ponce De Leo?:

    Great information for a beginner like me. Thank you

  • Eagle Heart:

    I am an absolute beginner,are there any 6g modules to be able to Fly this heli? I mea 6 g gyro ,not 3d

  • Bill Skoros:

    Great video! The current price is $359. been flying planes since the late '80s and a Blade 120SR for the last few, Picked up some 450's (plus a 500 and a 600N) so its time to move up. great explanation on how it all works. Goal is to build one with a scale fuse when the time is right.

  • nightmare in action:

    Just got myself a trex450 and I got no negative pitch in regular flight mode but it will not self correct itself or stop its pitch if it keeps going which is making it really hard to fly but I have fun with it crashed already and broke my tail rotor only waiting for parts to get flying again i have a ar7200bx for my gyro

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