Beginner RC HELI from Eachine! Beginner stabilized gyro mode to advanced 3D tricks. Rtf for 4.

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13 Responses to “BEGINNER RC HELICOPTER! – Eachine E160 RTF Helicopter – REVIEW & FLIGHTS”

  • RC Pilots:

    Great video thanks, I’m thinking it might be a good purchase but I’ve heard that it might be a problem trying to get back to stabilised mode after being in acro- can you tell if this is so? Thanks

  • Ron_Christian:

    John 3:16 ,
    “For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life.


    Hey Man, where you go to flight here in Portland?

  • Oded k:

    Thanks for the video, good flight in 3D. I have an E119 helicopter and I am flying it really well, but it is only 2D I want to buy a second 3D helicopter, is there a helicopter you can recommend?

  • Redogg D:

    Great review.! Would this be the cheapest micro 3d helicopter with both brushless main and tail motors. Looking for a micro but not wanting the hassle of constantly changing brushed motors.

  • Onar Najib:

    Hi please tell price this helicopter

  • riccardo freda:

    HI, thanks for this video. I had a problem with my e160; can you cofirm
    me that is there just one a conic washer between roto head set and main
    blade clip? Thank you in advance!

  • emsman59:

    Thought it has altitude hold on it?

  • Kelvin Bloomfield:

    great review justin as always ive got the 911 and the 120. think this is the next step up

  • Endika Rm:

    HI, i only drive car rc. never plane and helicopters, this model is appropriate for me or it needs to know a little for flying it? thanks!

  • Pete Heymes:

    Why " beginner friendly" ?
    This thing even in " normal " mode is a real devil because of +/- 10 degree pitch….
    peter heimes

  • Rumahkreatif Kalibasau:

    Nice review

  • satastastsatsatsasasa:

    Do you think I should get e160 after an XK K130? so is it worth giving money?

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