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Trex 700E “The Beast” – Tim Jones insane power

Taken from Video and commentary by the godfather of rc helis, Finless Bob :)

Tim Jones has built a Trex 700 electric conversion based around a prototype Castle Creations motor. The initial word was that the motor was putting out around 7 horsepowers.

How ever the last thing I heard about this insane motor (supposedly after some data logging was performed) it was putting out about 10 horsepowers(!). That’s over 7000 watts of power output in a machine that weighs just over 5 kilos! Compare that to the stock nitro engine which produces about 3.4 hp (total fly weight here is somewhat lower though).

As an interesting side note (although a somewhat inappropriate comparison) one of the most powerful full scale helis in the world, the American millitary attack helicopter AH-64D Apache Longbow (i.e. the most powerful version) has a power to weight ratio of 0.773 horsepowers per kilo. Even in the wold of rc 3D helis that’s powerful. That’s how ever without any weapons, fuel or pilot. In the same way the full scale Bell222 (the Airwolf helicopter) has a ratio of 0.598 hp per kilo. Loaded and ready for combat the Apache has a power to weight ratio of 0.499 hp per kilo. Still very powerful.
How ever, assuming this Trex700E conversion heli weighs about the same as other electric conversions “The Beast” should be approaching 2 whole horsepowers per kilo! And that’s with the heavy batteries installed.
A Trex 700 is about the length of a 3 seated sofa or couch. It’s very big and normally moves like “a hog” compared to smaller sizes but Tim’s conversion is like a finch. It’s capable of moving around more like a 50 sized heli even though it’s a 90 size.

Suffice to say… power to weight ratio on this thing is sick. By far the most powerful rc heli I’ve ever seen.

Be sure to view in HD and crank up the volume. The blade farts on this thing nicknamed “The Beast” are pure music.
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Please view on for the full flight academy series. I am so thank full for all the support of my friends out there. please enjoy the web site as it continues to grow.

in this video we cover how to:

understand the basic controls involved with a collective pitch rc heli, also we go over first time hovers and some dos and donts.
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RC Heli – Mil MI-24 Hind (???? ??-24) – Turbine Power

MI-24 Hind Pilot/Owner: Matthias Strompf had to re-upload. sound quality was bad. thanks don’t forget to subscribe
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1:5 Scale EC135 Air Zermatt – RC Helicopter Turbine Power

Big 1:5 Scale Schwing EC135 Eurocopter in Air Zermatt colors. Electronic systems Power-Box-System: Evolution 4 x lipo battery 2S1P7.4 V 4000MHA 20C Gyro: Rob…


HH-60J 1/7 Scale – RC Heli Turbine Power

HH-60J Jayhawk (UH-60 Blackhawk kit) Scale: 1:7 Fuselage 2.32 m Height 0.55 m Detachable tail Rotor diameter 2.30 m, 4-leaf blade either M or CRP Dry weight 16.0 kg Rotor speed: 930 rpm / Tail Rotor: 4 blade, 110 ° tilt Functions: lighting, tail-controlled, opening doors 2.4 liters of kerosene tank Manufacturer: Formart Modellbau For more info on the heli itself: thanks much and please subscribe http
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Dangerous RC heli stunt: Pirouetting loop around power lines

A .90 sized R/Do helicopter (About three Dee NT by Henseleit Helicopters) performs numerous pirouetting loops close to overhead energy lines. Incredibly tough to fly heli piloted by Tobias “2f2f” Wagner. Also see for more these kinds of stunts.
Video Rating: three / five


Huge MI-24 Hind – RC Heli Turbine Power

Heliclassics MI-24 Hind at Jetpower 2010. Lights, Rotors, Gear, Cockpit; All to scale. Beautiful model. Fuselage Length: 2.6 meter Pylon Span: 1.1 meter Height 0.7 meter Rotor Diameter 2.5 meter Dry Weight 22.5 kg For more information on this specific heli: Thanks for watching and please subscribe.
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Bell 412 Scale R/C Helicopter Electric Power Conversion

A fast video clip clip demonstrating the starting sequence of the heli. The mechanics arranged started out ‘life’ as a Miniature Aircraft X-Cell sixty, initially driven by a .60ci glow (nitro) fueled motor. I engineered an electrical motor conversion to exchange the nitro engine which benefits in a really practical (turbine) starting effect, lower vibration and paint that isn’t really struggling from the deterioration of the gas and exhaust.
Video clip Rating: four / five


Jason Bell “Gnat-On-Crack” Las Vegas Year end amazing power demo. Aurora 90 Nitro RC Helicopter

Avant RC factory pilot Jason Bell does doing his “Gnat on Crack” design with his Auparavant Aurora ninety Nitro Radio Management Helicopter at the conclude of the calendar year on a check out to the Las Vegas Bennett Flying subject. He’s employing the Auparavant Aurora ninety Final Helicopter and his Spektrum DX7 SE, 8717 servos, 7100 receiver, mini-G gyro, MultiGov pro, Radix 710 SB Blades, S8900 Tail Servo


RC Heli – EC 155 B1 – Turbine Power

EC155 B1 Eurocopter one:five Scale Fuselage size 2.65 m Top .seventy five m Detachable tail Rotor diameter two.50 m Rotor speed: 850 rpm Fenestron: 10 min-Journal, 9500 rpm Kerosene tank three. liters Off excess weight 22. kg empty two turbine alternatives are obtainable: – 2-shaft turbine Taurus – 2-shaft turbine JetCat SPT5-V3 If you would like a lot more details on purchasing this specific helicopter, you can find the kit right here. many thanks significantly and never overlook to subscribe
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Discover You And Power Surge – Easy How To Diy review by Joe Vitale

A handful of rc helicopter assessment goods I can suggest:

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