60% Power?!! Vectored Thrust RC Hovercraft with Heli Gyro

Made from recycled Parts and other materials. Incredible agility, way too fast! Dangerous and incredibly fun! Adult supervision is essential!

We created these after laws in canada made it frustratingly difficult to fly RC anything. Using old helicopter and airplane parts with some foam board / laminated wood, etc. We turned our spare parts into several of these. So much fun and that’s the speed turned down to 60%. One day I’ll do a speed test with the gopro as it has on-board GPS.

The best part was adding the gyro. these were fun but there are so many forces involved. Motors spinning, wind, the fact that there is no friction…It all adds up to lack of control. We were able to get several of these up and running with varying levels of speed/difficulty, simply by playing with esc/motor combos and variety of props. 2,3 and 4 blades at the back. I’d really like to try 6 on the back. There’s so much left undone. The bags took several designs and velcro on and off for easier maintenance.

The Basic construction is of foam board insulation laminated with wood Venire on the structural bits but otherwise just painted. same Venire was used for the rear hoop. one of many things that’s better done the old way!

So much to learn to complete this project but it’s all easy. That said, parental involvement and understanding of the dangers involved I’d a must for this project.

I am happy to release all specs and even do a full design on video if people are interested.

I hope to create some 3d files for others to create the same.

Thanks for watching!
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2 Responses to “60% Power?!! Vectored Thrust RC Hovercraft with Heli Gyro”

  • Nate Outdoors:

    what prop are you using om the rear assembly?

  • Meliorate With Nate:

    If anyone is interested I'll do a video of it set with full throttle. Maybe even a speed test with the gopro showing live g force/ speed. If you're interested, let me know. Also plan to do a kit of 3d printable parts for this. The lift fan is an stl model from a jet turbine. Great static pressure. Plenty of lift from a small quadcopter motor.

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