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how to easily make rc helicopter night blades cheap

basic simple to use instructions on building your own rc helicopter night blades instead of buying expesive ones. using 10ohm power resistor lipo battery cop…
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Chinook RC Helicopter – Cheap Remote Control Toy Two Blade Chopper For Sale

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A Good Cheap RC Helicopter?

Question by rnc620: A Excellent Low-cost RC Helicopter?
I am considering about getting my bf a inexpensive small RC Helicopter. The Air Hogs Havoc was reviewed properly on amazon but it`s like $ 50. I am thinking more along the lines of $ 25. Is there anything at all worthy out there?

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Solution by Rhathid
Not in that price array. The least expensive “good” helicopter is $ 119, it is a complete blown helicopter.

If you ended up my GF I would really appreciate what you wished to get me. But if I was into helicopters and my GF acquired me 1 for $ 25 I might really feel bad because it’s kind of a waste of the income.

I’ve realized that in a partnership, if someone is the expert on a thing, it’s best to go away it up to them. Know what I mean?

It’s possible you could get him a $ 25 present certificate to a pastime retailer that sells helicopters and he could put it towards one.

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