ESky Honey Bee King 3 500 Series Electric 3D Heli

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20 Responses to “ESky Honey Bee King 3 500 Series Electric 3D Heli”

  • Robert [TOG]:

    Bought this after your review and flight in 2009. My first helicopter. Now i'm looking on the internet to buy one again. I fly lots of helicopters now. I wish you and your family all the best Ali. At that time there were no kids???

  • ed wood:

    Take note friends I have 4 of these PAGE 12 I found the manual wrong . it shows left servo in 6 and right in 1 . this is the wrong way around. ( right = 6 ) and ( left =1). you get nowhere with the ailerons in the wrong channels. good flying to ya all.

  • Anderson Fernandes:

    Dat Manual

  • DJ Crank:

    I have this same helicopter, I purchased the upgraded blades and now I cant put it back together.  Can someone take some pics and send me.  The user manual, I cant really make it out, to many arrows and lines.  i need close up photos so I can put it back together.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  djcrank2003@yahoo dot com

  • dennis brown:

    Ali ! I agree, but big bang for the buck with Esky heli's, then I like to trick them out with good head gear etc etc for not that much money, then they fly like a TREX !! .Love your videos dude !!

  • bobbymalta73:


  • Dav20:

    First song name?

  • MrStaline:

    The CPX ! You can mount a canopy on, making him so sexy. 🙂

  • TheMvk2000:

    ready to fly, you say

  • daniel schop:


  • aytorou:

    what is the time flying?


    due i like your honest advise. hope you do well.

  • Zaiderify:

    yay a manual

  • Jack7296:

    i have a 250 skyartec wasp v3 collective pitch is it good or is this better?

  • Ahmed AK Viola:

    SPHALT, also known as Asphaltum, is the most common variety of bitumen (also called mineral pitch). It is a compact, glassy, brittle, black or brown mineral. It is highly viscous liquid or semi-solid which is present in most crude petroleums and in some of the natural deposits. It breaks with a polished fracture, melts very easily giving a strong pitchy odor when heated, and leaves no ashes when pure asphalt is burnt.

  • zbehlik5:

    @alishanmao I very much appreciate these posts. They are clear, concise, and to the point. Extremely helpful for any skill level pilot. I own a honeybee cp3 myself and am hoping to upgrade to a king 3 or a belt cpv2, I was hoping maybe you could give me some information on which one is a better buy. thanks.

  • mjkyk:

    Hello, I recently just purchased a king honey bee 3 of the net, and I have damaged its roter blades twice. Now I recently broke the under carriage, I cant get it to trim properly (let alone get it off the ground) maybe I should have purchased somthing better for my skill level but I wanted an outdoor heli, any tips are apreciated. if you must know I am 13.

  • demendet:

    just got it just flyed it DAMN NICE OMG I PREFER hbk 3 its HUGE i didnt expect that :O

  • demendet:

    @popcornreviews hbk 3

  • demendet:

    @matthei1996 hbk 3 it flyes faster less problems belt cp 2 is a trash

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