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Giant Scale Cessna 182 RC plane w/ 6 cylinder gas engine!!

This amazing RC plane is modeled after a Cessna 182 Skylane. It has a 13 foot ( 4 meter ) wingspan and has a one of a kind 6 cylinder 215cc opposed (boxer) f…
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Swiss Heli-Challenge 2013 Scale Sikorsky Sea Stallion CH-53 perfect flight..!! Enjoy this Big Helicopter…. on the biggest Radio Control Helicopter Event in…


LIEBAO Giant AirWolf 4ch RC Helicopter Out of Box

Here is the Out of Box review of this Giant AirWolf Li-Po Powered 4ch RC Helicopter from Bournemouth R/C and Supplied by Nitrotek. It’s looking simply awesom…
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Super Giant Bell 47 RC Heli

Huge Bell 47 replica helicopter RC handmade , close view in static display. Trophy “Len Mount” Scale Helicopter Spain 2013. Subscribe to see more videos of t…
Video Rating: 3 / 5


RC Helicopter GIANT SCALE Gasser Nitro Electric outsite in the parking lot.

Me flying my new GIANT SCALE Gasser outsite in the parking lot.

RC Helicopter Hughes 500 Defender 3D heli fly,close call,crash,MD500,Cool,landinding,
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AMAZING HOMEMADE GIANT RC Helicopter!!! 11,5kg…

11.5kg totally hand made RC heli by Mr. Loukas from Tithorea in Greece. Gas engine from a lawnmower!!! Really flying very well…. Have a look!


Giant RC helicopter with jet turbines!

Flown by the austrian RC air acrobatics champion. Please excuse the horrible cellphone quality.
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