Tiny RC Helicopter has so much POWER!!!

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13 Responses to “Tiny RC Helicopter has so much POWER!!!”

  • @Rombo-86:

    I can’t believe how good you are with the helis. It’s some serious skills ? haven’t really watched your heli vids until today. (Most car vids) but you’re very good at flying ??

  • @rcpete7055:

    OMG Kev I cannot believe you couldn't even bind and setup a new RC after the size and amount of time you've been into RC ???

  • @pottacoola:

    Can it do a chaos?

  • @Milkmans_Son:

    How much was this when it was available?

  • @user-fc3sr9bo1r:

    Wow you guys flying pretty close i know its small but these things have killed and decapitated people

  • @beastehful:

    Kev revealing his true power level every time he busts out a heli. It takes a lot of time and effort to be able to pull off those moves

  • @goodlooking8087:

    How much is it?

  • @jon_siimms3257:

    More junk Arrma

  • @savagex466-qt1io:

    Ukraine could use these with big rounds on them to chase away the evil orks. Have a whole swarm of them flushing out trenches.

  • @donaldcoburn1576:

    How did you get your m1 to start

  • @weedking8357:

    epic scx24 nice amazing vid as always bro epic fun

  • @ashskyline32:

    Just bought the heli from your link and doesn't come with a remote where can I get one

  • @mrmagoo.3678:

    Kev.. You ever thought of getting yourself a racing drone?.. they're insanely fast and a proper laugh, epecially in FPV..

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