RC heli pulls 1.8 ton Ferrari – insane power demonstration record!

RC heli pulls 1.8 ton Ferrari - insane power demonstration record!

This month we’re doing the most insane power demonstration to date: Pulling a 1.8 ton Ferrari F430 Spider with a single R/C heli! Very likely this is the highest load ever moved with a model helicopter – kudos to all components that survived this ultra-extreme torture without any problems! And BTW, we had two nice police guys on site who made sure that everything goes according to plan and is safe for the people around. They also helped to clear the street from onlookers; thanks for that. And finally, they thoroughly enjoyed the show – just like everyone else!

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Vorletzter Tag der Sportwoche !
Mein Heli hatte ein Software Problem … ging dann aber problemlos zu reparieren 🙂

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