How I SOLVED my TAIL WAG – and you can too

This is the story of my Trex 470 tail wag, everything I tried to sort it and what eventually did.


7 Responses to “How I SOLVED my TAIL WAG – and you can too”

  • Anthraxnz64:

    Thanks for the video, I rebuilt my KDS450qs and had some crazy tail wagging going on. I had the same bodge job or wires hanging off it including my receiver. Installed everything correctly and the wag immediately stopped. I also had the gyro pressed up against the frame of the heli so I set it back a little so it wasn't touching anything on the sides and we're flying great now 🙂

  • WestHobbiesRC:

    3:58 ?? love this!

  • nigel thompson:

    Very unlikely that a loose satellite receiver would cause the wag. It would have to transfer wobble to the gyro. If it did that the swash would wobble too trying to correct the gyro wobble. Probably you have done a heap of things and one of them changed problem.

  • BongoCat_kR6:

    From my experience, using kbar or vbar can cause "software" tailwag or something like, even there is no hardware issue.
    solution I found was reduce tail gain less than 54.. but too low gain cause tail loosen when pushing tail to extreme conditions..

  • Dee Jordan:

    I usually just tell it to sit…Ohhh hellies !

  • Steve Johnston:

    What do you suggest as tail gain settings for the Blade 230 or is a momentary wag not worth messing with? I only notice it momentarily when I yaw sharply. Cheers.

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