Eachine E160 Review – Impressive Brushless Tail Hold & Performance

Eachine E160 Review - Impressive Brushless Tail Hold & Performance

Detailed Eachine E160 review including test flight with three different setups (tame, sport, 3D). The E160 is a great flying little collective pitch RC helicopter to suit all flying styles. It’s powerful enough for heart pounding 3D, or can be tamed right down for nice gentle scale type flying. Flybarless stabilization performance is impressive with a fluid and precise feel.

If you are torn between the XK K130 vs the Eachine E160, the E160 is not much more money, however, it’s a much better value as it improves on the shortcomings of the K130.
The single biggest performance improvement is in tail hold & authority thanks to a proper direct drive brushless tail rotor motor. It’s all but impossible to get the tail to blow out on the Eachine E160, even when trying. Brushless tail motors also last much longer than brushed coreless tail motors.

Other E160 improvements include a stronger and better cooled main brushless motor, longer flight times with slightly larger capacity LiPo & better power efficiency, metal geared swashplate servos & stronger landing struts. Some will find the E160’s canopy graphics easier to see which is always a welcome feature on any small micro collective pitch RC helicopter.

Out of the box, the Eachine E160 3D RC Helicopter is Futaba S-FHSS protocol ready, but provides receiver compatibility with Spektrum DSM, S-Bus, and PPM.

If you are looking for a reasonably priced, capable little collective pitch RC helicopter to fly & practice with in your yard, the E160 should definitely be on your short list of micro 3D collective pitch RC helicopters to check out.

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Video Chapter Time Index:
– Intro 0:00
– Unboxing & What You Get 1:35
– Design & Components 4:35
– LiPo Discussion 11:59
– Setup Overview 14:16
– Test Flight 17:52
– Final Thoughts: 22:57

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17 Responses to “Eachine E160 Review – Impressive Brushless Tail Hold & Performance”

  • John Salt:

    Eachine E160 RTF (Ready to Fly) RC Helicopter:


    Eachine E160 BNF (Bind & Fly) RC Helicopter:

    Radio used in this video – Radiomaster TX16S hall version :
    Want to learn more about the educational & fascinating hobby of RC helicopters? Please visit my website: https://www.rchelicopterfun.com/

  • Antonio:

    Sir after taking a k 110 s (black and red version) I fell in love with these micro helicopters and I'm delighted because I was curious to know if my X6 radio could bind it (how could I bind it with an Omp M1 or m2 because my dream would be an omp m1 which is for me the number 1 microphone heli thank you for your videos I'm from France ??and not a lot of video in French thank you sir.

  • Ambrose Killpack:

    I got a USB charger with my OMP hobby M1. It failed on me within like a week. It left the mess of two battery packs with one cell fully charged and the other completely depleted for my Spektrum s155 balance charger to clean up. It took a good probably 2 hours of running the charger on the packs at a relatively low current to properly re-balance the packs.

  • RadimentriX:

    seems to be a nice thing. once i manage to fly my blade nano in 3d mode and feel comfortable while doing it i might get one of these as a small upgrade in size 😀

  • edward allen:

    elev servo arm is rubbing on ail servo.

  • Flight6677:

    Thanks John – appreciate the review. Did you use the stock throttle and pitch curves?

  • Confused production 11:

    Just a quick thanks. I watched your set up videos multiple times and set up my K110 based on them in OpenTX. After a couple of weeks of flying a "dumbed down" set up I can fly with the suggested stock setup, although I do prefer -10->10 pitch curve. I am from an rc plane & quad background and the biggest stumbling block was and still is idle up. It feels so wrong to basically let the throttle go. Going to try an E160 next. I hope it crashes "well".

  • Nutleigh Grove:

    Hey John, Martyn here again – I’m trying to get my head around the myriad of micro connectors these days ?.
    I think the E160 is a good example of JST connectors – of which there are many! Extremely common since the advent of 250g rules etc.
    They include ZH, SM, XH, PH, EL, SYP just to mention a few ? Then we have mm of “pitch”, which I believe is distance between pins, another one is 1.0, 1.25, 1.5, 2.54mm, SOMETIMES refers to the diameter of wire, not to mention overall plug dimensions!
    All I need right now is a bunch of wired 3 pin plugs (which are found on the E160 SBUS & servos). Nearest measurements I can make out: 5 x 2 x 4mm deep. Adjacent to those is a slightly larger socket for DSM, a few plugs that size would also be handy, but not essential right now.
    PLEASE do you know exactly what I should order? A simple bag of servo plugs which I use in all sorts of applications ? how hard can it be?!
    Sorry for rambling and thank you again for your great knowledge! ??

  • Nutleigh Grove:

    Hey John – another great video thanks! ?? With a lot of Chinese products, I keep hearing the term “coreless” or even “cupless” motor ? What is it??? I thought they were either brushed or brushless? ?.
    On the subject of visibility, you hit the nail on the head! I chose the same colour as you & it’s a long standing gripe of mine. You might be interested in my quick fix, some say it ruins the look but I go for function over form. Like you say, these helis get small quick! So I stick high viz reflective tape on my dull canopies, best colour for me is pink as it’s so distinctive outdoors & also yellow. This combination really pops, esp with the mottled mackerel skin effect lol ! Scrutinising the paint job is the last thing on my mind when flying non scale.
    Also, I Tipp-Ex/Wite-Out the black booms. It stands out against dark trees, bushes etc but when flying overhead, still looks like a normal silhouette.
    The overall effect is transformative ??Here’s a link to some high viz stuff in Canada & the mottled one I get here in UK?? Bound to be others too.
    Let me know what you think ??


  • Paul Wilden:

    No lower than 80% discharge? really ..

  • Leo DS:

    haha. Look at that. Someone who knows how to fly and setup a heli doing a heli review. 90% of the reviews I've found are from clueless beginners who can barely control the aircraft, much less evaluate anything or actually review them. Nice.

  • Ilya Bryuhovskih:

    Nice review) Please, can you tell the info about camera: can I install it here or copter doesn't have any place for it?

  • bcflyer99:

    Awesome with the finger! I agree with the nonsensical regulations.

  • Robin Davies:

    Hi John, contemplating getting one of the 160s or a E180. Is there a lot of difference between the two? I guess size is the key one. Anything else on spec differences to be aware of? Could I bind this to a spektrum radio with a SPM9645 remote receiver connected to the heli?

  • Diaz G:

    Hi John.Great review video. Question, how do I set the switch for 6G/3D on Radiomaster TX16S?

  • FA HB:

    Hi, im waiting this to arrive, I have the XK X7, radio transmiter that come with a xk brushless dron and algo have the radiomaster tx 16s, first which transmitir you suggest and if you can make a vídeo of binding it to any of Two transmiters. Thanks great content

  • Rob May:

    What would be your pick for a beginner to intermediate heli? I'm looking for something that'll be well supported into the future. Thanks again.

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