Airwolf T-Rex 500/HK-500 CMT TT(Clone) RC-Helikopter 500er Klasse

Nagelneuer “Airwolf” mit T-Rex500/HK-500 CMT TT Mechanik und viele top Tuningteile.
– Rumpf: 500er Align Airwolf-Rumpf mit Einziehfahrwerk und schönen Anbauten.
– Motor: Turnigy 1800KV, 13Z
– Akku: 4S 5800mAh
– Servos: TS-Turnigy(digi)- Heck: Align DS520
– Gyro: Spartan DS760
– Regler: Phönix ice lite 100A
– Blätter: Curtis Youngblood Radix 430mm
– Flugzeit ca.15MIn.

Lieben Dank meinem Kameramann Marcus!

Stupid TRex 600 Crash - RC Helicopter Stupid mistake that leads to me crashing my TRex 600 RC helicopter. This clip is taken from my DVD ‘Flying the TRex 600 helicopter. The DVD also covers how I repaired the heli after the crash and is 41 mins. Click the above link to purchase the DVD.
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23 Responses to “Airwolf T-Rex 500/HK-500 CMT TT(Clone) RC-Helikopter 500er Klasse”

  • @nimueh4298:

    Where can I find one for sale?

  • @PietervanGinneken:

    Sorry for asking. but can you share your pitch curve and throttle curve settings? 🙂

  • @PietervanGinneken:

    Does it have enough power to fly pretty fast on that setup? As hobbyking states to use a 6s lipo in this frame?

  • @gtibernd:

    Hallo Airwolf Erbauer,
    hattest du keine Probleme das die Paddel um Rumpf Streifen?
    Baue gerade einen mit einer Gaui Mechanik auf.Gerne PN

  • @derpydude13gaming25:

    does it fit or do u need to modify it ???

  • @aureliusprimus:

    sehr schöner Flug !!

  • @HayabusaMen:

    Ich find`s super, sieht klasse aus und fliegt schön.

  • @Borgiflieger:

    Toller Hubi!
    Eine absolute Augenweide!

  • @fischer859:

    Servus, vielen Dank für den Kommentar, Grüße Andy

  • @fischer859:

    Hy, thank you! assembling the mechanic and the fuselage is relatively easy. This original align airwolf fuselage fits very well. regards Andy

  • @lifestooshort44:

    Awesome awesome awesome!! Was it hard to put together?? How is the quality with this fuselage??

  • @fischer859:

    @Scritley thank you very much, Andy

  • @Scritley:

    Great job… Loved the retracts!

  • @fischer859:

    It is a Align Airwulf Fuselage 500 sitze.

  • @rotorhead1624:

    Very nice and loved the retractable landing gears! Where can i get one?

  • @fischer859:

    Flugfertig mit allem über 1.000,-Euro.
    Ich möchte keinen Heli empfehlen, denn es gibt wirklich sehr viele Anbieter. Ich persönlich wollte schon immer basteln, andere wollen gleich mit fertigem Modell losfliegen, dass musst Du schon mal allein entscheiden. Lass Dich im Modellbaugeschäft beraten bitte!

  • @fischer859:

    Der ist nicht als "Ganzes" gekauft, sondern alles in Einzelteile und dann zusammengebaut.

  • @veryluverylu8298:

    aaahahahahahahaahhahaha i always laugh about this kind of crashes. People can not even fly basics and buy a big DANGEROUS helicopter.

  • @joewilson9744:

    Looks like a combination of loss of orientation and dumb thumbs to me…not the "stupid" helicopter.

  • @sdf6079:

    Yesterday i crashed just the same t-rex 600, and now youtube recommends me this video..HOW!? Sadly, but the reason of my crash was in some kind of technic issue with a heli.

  • @trexinvert:

    Not really a dumb mistake. I call it "camera pressure". Making a "good" video presentation alone requires a tripod and flying heli "in frame" with nice ground/sky horizon. Often a 2nd person with camera just "chasing" the heli in blue sky result in meaningless video. Also, you need to decide what moves to include. You just have to either practice "in frame" or compromise by moving camera. It's a hastle, but I don't take any shortcuts. So, I don't make many new videos all the time.

  • @Kolenso:

    Thanks for that. I have now fixed the heli and it is flying well.

  • @Kolenso:

    Yes I would have been able to recover if I was higher. I just had a mad moment and pushed the stick the wrong way. I was flying low because I was filming the flight and wanted to get the chopper nearer to the camera. Thanks for the comment.

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