Trex 450 RC helicopter first time attempting sport flying

This is my first time attempting sport flying with forward flight roll, and FF with backflip to backwards flight, backwards flight with forward flip to forward flight and an attempt at a tic toc.
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5 Responses to “Trex 450 RC helicopter first time attempting sport flying”

  • jaydekaytv:

    I haven't had the opportunity to fly a v2, however, if you like 450 sized helis the 450 pro is the best available from what I've seen/read (I'm a newbie, so I'm basing most of that on research). Its completely redesigned and built like a tank, man! Few parts, very solid, nice motor – overall an A+… smooooth flier!

    I went with the 450 pro super combo – check it out!

  • tpdinh77:

    not enough head speed. I got my gain at 75%. How does the Pro fly? Did you fly a V2 before?

  • jaydekaytv:

    Haha 'lets not do that by me again dewd!'

    Nice job!

    Looks like you have a tail tick/wag at the end – ey?

  • Jez James:

    Sweet flying m8!!

  • Ken Tanpinco:

    that's not the first time that guy has buzzed us. just imagine what he's like behind the wheel of his van rolling down the freeway!

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