JAB Custom Canopies and Heli Repair

JAB Custom Canopies and Heli Repair

Here is a short video(Slide Show) with canopies Ive painted, Im very resonably priced and do heli building and heli repair. Feel free to call me or email me for a quote.
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RC HELI of the FUTURE - Fly Wing FW450L V2 with TRIPLE GPS Positioning! - REVIEW & GIVEAWAY ????

New Triple GPS System is super accurate. We fly it on Omni GPS, 3D Mode, Auto Invert Mode and explore the flight modes. Review by Justin Davis.

Ultimate beginner heli with Return to home GPS!

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Fly Wing FW450L V2 Parts Links

FW450L V2 Carbon Main Blade Set : https://bit.ly/3rAqWJ7
FW450 L V2 4S 4450mah Battery : https://bit.ly/3iKpUpW
FW450L V2 60S Esc : https://bit.ly/3i6brFN
FW450L V2 Carbon Side Frame : https://bit.ly/3zKnyhP
FW450L V2 White Canopy : https://bit.ly/3i1WK6t
FW450L V2 H1 Flight Controller : https://bit.ly/3kUZEvM
FW450L V2 Metal Gear Servo : https://bit.ly/3BNnNdu
FW450 V2 Main Motor : https://bit.ly/3iJTBas
FW450L V2 Tail Motor : https://bit.ly/3rDSM7u
FW450L V2 5″ Tail Blade : https://bit.ly/3icdqbL
FW450L V2 Landing Gear : https://bit.ly/3f0bC3z
FW450L V2 Tail Boom : https://bit.ly/3zBek7p
FW450L V2 Swash Plate : https://bit.ly/372ZeeC
FW450L V2 Links : https://bit.ly/3zFe1bD
FW450L V2 Carbon Tail Fin : https://bit.ly/3i6brFN
FW450L V2 Carbon Bottom Plate : https://bit.ly/3y7kTxX
FW450L V2 Aluminum Head Block : https://bit.ly/2VaTuNa
Fw450L V2 Tail Rotor Block : https://bit.ly/2Vcu8yD

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20 Responses to “JAB Custom Canopies and Heli Repair”

  • trexinvert:

    Nice job. Are you in Los Angeles? I've got some old trex 500 canopies that could use some creative touches. Have you ever painted asymetric? Left side and right side different colors? It ain't pretty, but it helps a lot when doing 3d rolls/flips.

  • Wushy:

    can you do the canopies for syma S006 alloy shark

  • L-Series:

    verry nice work!!!

  • Professor Voluck:

    Couldn’t you do the same with Pixhawk and Naza 10 years ago?

  • Ed Ritterbusch:

    Can you choose a 3s or 4s battery? If so, how is that selected? H1 Lite software? Selected in the included Tx?

  • Garry Palmer:

    Hi Justin,
    Great video, after watching this I have ordered one.
    I also have the FW Bell 206 Ranger with same radio and GPS etc as the 450.
    I took the 206 high about at least 500 feet gave full down throttle in GPS mode and shortly after that had no control. It was coming down slowly with no control. tried RTH nothing, tried 3D nothing, back to GPS nothing. Did the full down throttle do anything. I flew it as arrived. Thanks Garry

  • Franklin Wills:

    Between the walkera and this, I'm not sure which of the two I want first.

  • RC AS350 Pilot:

    Considered this but took a different route. Put a Sprirt GT flight controller and GeoLink module on my Goblin buddy 380. Nice review BTW.

  • James Rooks:

    I have two of the helicopters and have had good experiences with both. I am having an issue that I cant seem to figure out. One heli will fly 10-12 minutes…no issues. The second on will only fly for a couple minutes then go into a low power situation and land on its own. Any insight as to why it does that would be helpful. Any thoughts on that?

  • akenedy:

    You recommend autorotation landings in this video. Can you please briefly explain how to achieve autorotation landings with this particular heli. I assume you need to be in 3D mode, and then what?

  • RiZEN:

    They need to do a bnf version

  • wesley donnelly:

    Hi Justin. Could you please tell me if I could fit the H1 system from this helicopter into my Trex 800E ? I am DESPERATE for a system like this for my 800E because I'm just one HUGE bag of nerves when flying my 800E due to the sheer size and power and DANGER it poses to me and anyone near it during flight! I would describe myself as a below average Heli pilot, I've owned and flown 4 Heli's from 500 size right up to the 800. Been "flying" for over 3 years now. Thanks, Wes Liverpool UK.

  • 123windyron:

    Please show a BASIC start up would be fantastic.

  • 123windyron:

    Justin please help me out here do you have to calibrate the compass to fly in gps stable mode.and if so how do you do that ? A answer on this question would be much appreciated. Mine is ready to start up!

  • Charles Watkins:

    That's crazy cool, GPS on a heli.

  • K Ricker:

    Damd. I have crashed and broken so many helis learning and now they make this???? hand on head

  • Mark Kenney:

    My FW 450 V2 won’t fly in the GPS mode, it only hovers and goes up and down. This may be easy to fly once it is set correctly, but that set up process is hardly for beginners. I bought the RTF version so it should have been set up correctly, but since it won’t fly in the GPS mode, it obviously was not. Beginners need to realize that YouTube videos like this are overly optimistic because they make money and receive free products in return. This is not the first product recommended by this channel that was not close to described in the video. The problems I am having as a beginner would probably almost be unthinkingly fixed by experts who produce these videos. Also, Banggood’s customer service response to my difficulties has been terrible. They wanted a video showing the problem. It is problematic to show a video of something the heli can’t do. I had to risk a crash to finally get them the video, but still no response. They should have offered an immediate exchange. While slow, Flywing has been responsive. They are telling me settings to try, but I have no idea why they would work, or so far, not work so I still have a $500+ door stop.

  • Weldon Freeman:

    How often does the calibration on the heli have to be performed?

  • Ben Hepworth:

    Where's the low down smack?

  • Embeded Fabrication:

    a helicopter is not a "drone" do you have to use their Tx?

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