MicroHeli UH-1 Huey Blade 230s Fuselage Unboxing & Build

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  • @friendlyreptile9931:

    For everyone who want's to turn his 230s into a UH-1: Don't buy this Fuselage! It's just way to expensive, to ugly and nowhere near scale. Instead google "Bell UH-1D/H Iroquois / CH-118 1:24 HELI SCALE QUALITY" and buy that kit. You can also get a 2 bladed tailrotor there and so on. Just watch "Erstflug UH-1D 1:18 Heli Scale Quality Rumpf mit Blade 230S" on YT to see the BIG difference. Chris, sorry that i have to post this but i like to prevent people from making misstakes.

  • @BubbaB43:

    Tail rotor was on backwards in this video.

  • @4kdemoscene:

    I'm considering a Blade 230s… Amazon has them with a payment option. lol Do you think the Blade 230s is a good helicopter for the price? I worry about its performance being it has a lot of plastic parts. But I must say… I like my old Nexus 30s and it was mostly plastic. You could tell in flight… it was very 'soft' flying. Anyhow great video… I'm about sold but am considering an OMP M2.

  • @zoridor16:

    Fascinating world of radio controlled helicopter! I didn't know it was possible to change the fuselage on these! What would be equivalent in cars to changing the body, greetings friend ?
    Im very impressive ???

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