RC Heli Trex 600 Custom Camera Skid

In several of my videos I use this custom made skid mounted to a Trex 600 ESP with a Go Pro Hero camera to obtain the videos. This skid is made from 1 inch flat 3/8 aluminum bent to match the original skid angle of the Trex 600. All skid materials were purchased at Home Depot or Lowes. I then formed a frame in front of the skid high enough to mount a hanging camera frame attached with several small bungee cords. I have added more cords since the video was taken. I attached the bungee cords loosely because when I stretched them tightly there was too much viberattion in the camera. The camera frame does not touch the skid frame. It is attached only by the bungee cords. Then to isolate the helicopter vibration I attached the skid to the heli with loosely wrapped hook and loop (velcro type) material, just loose enough to allow the helicopter to rise about 1/4 of an inch above the skid. This way the helicopter will be held into to place to land back onto the camera mount skid just as it was at take off. This solution to aerial video and photography isn’t as good as a 00 to ,000 solution but it works pretty satisfactrally at about . At a later date, sooner than later, I hope to build a frame to hold one of the lighter weight Canon Digital SLR, probably a Canon TSi. See my photography website at www.NHisLight.com
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