Eachine E180 Direct Drive RC Helicopter Review – The Good & Bad.

The Eachine E180, is Eachine’s first direct drive collective pitch helicopter. It’s a 200 size class machine that competes directly with the OMPHobby M2.

A direct drive brushless main motor is a more expensive way to run the main rotor, but it has many advantages… Efficient, quiet, powerful, operates nice & cool (longer motor & bearing life), is way more robust and reduces the parts count. It also looks great!

During my in depth review of the E180 from unboxing to test flying, I’m pointing out all the features the E180 has to offer, what it gets right & wrong, along with my primary setup numbers for my flights modes.

The E180 has a good design but it’s not perfect. Mine also had a couple important factory assembly issues. They were easily rectified, and have been reported back to Eachine. Banggood has reassured me this was a rare case due to it being a “test review” unit that was not inspected by them before direct shipping from the factory. Regardless, any pre-built RC helicopter no matter what brand or model should be checked over. You will almost always find something not assembled with the care we as collective pitch RC helicopter hobbyists’ would take the time to do.

The E180 comes in two formats, BNF & RTF. I got the RTF version which comes with Eachine’s E6, six channel entry level computerized radio which uses Futaba’s S-FHSS protocol. The BNF version will therefore bind out of the box to any 6 channel or more computerized S-FHSS protocol radio.

The E180’s flight controller / FBL system also accepts an external DSM2/X satellite RX for Spektrum users as well as an S-Bus input port. Lots of receiver options in other words.

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Video Chapters:
– Introduction to direct drive 0:00
– Unboxing the E180 1:45
– E180 design & features 5:28
– 13:11 Powering up the E6 radio 13:11
– Checking out of box setup 15:02
– How to bind the E180 17:11
– E180 USB charger fail 17:56
– E180 Assembly problems found 18:39
– Collective range on the mark 21:38
– Test flight 22:21
– Final Thoughts 27:46

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13 Responses to “Eachine E180 Direct Drive RC Helicopter Review – The Good & Bad.”

  • TJ Ratz:

    What do you do if the screw in the head axle is stripped? (not the threads, the end of the screw where the hex screw driver goes in. It was stripped out when I got it and I can't disassemble the head)

  • A Bit Of Everything:

    This is the main reason that ANY rc kit I get road or air. I disassemble it and rebuild it. 
    Then I know its done "right". 
    And if anything goes wrong its my fault.

  • Antonio gipsy:

    Bonjour monsieur sur la carte de vol y a une entre s bus donc si je conecte un récepteur s bus ( en frsky ou futaba ?

  • Ioska Ioska:

    Great Video! I am trying to set this heli up with spektrum. What are, for a beginner- very tamed mode, the settings that you would recommend in normal mode for throttle and pitch curves?

  • Dustin p Lee:

    Will it bind to my radio link transmitter it says fhss on the transmitter thanks

  • David Lewis:

    Do you know of any Spektrum setup info anywhere. Eachine says its dsmx expandable with sat receiver but I cant find any setup guides.

  • Antonio gipsy:

    The radio menu is the same as that of the xk 110 and k130 the x6 of XK PENCER YOU WHO IS POSSIBLE TO USE THE Xk X6 RADIO of the k 110 for this helicopter??

  • Nutleigh Grove:

    Hey John! ? You might remember my e150 esc pooped the bed. Very hard to get hold of one 🙁 D’you know if the e180 esc is the same? (or any 3rd party esc for that matter) Thanks buddy! ??????

  • puck spirit:

    Hello. I'm into fpv drones, so I have a flysky Nirvana radio and an elrs module. Can i find a similar small heli with a compatible receiver? I see, this one has S-BUS, so i can feasably run elrs with it? But then, how do I get telemetry from this thing?

  • Antonio gipsy:

    Thé price is similaire of blade 230s i préfers 230s blade v2

  • edward allen:

    funny thing if the norm was to fly upside down, then every one would be impressed by flying right side up.

  • Brandon Clark:

    I hate how the canopy text looks like EIBD instead of E180, can't unsee

  • Ed Gaeta:

    Does anybody know if the radiolink transmitters will bind with the eachine 180 helicopter

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