RC Scratch Building – Fiberglass Fuselage Without a Mold

This video outlines the process I used to fabricate the fuselage for my 1/4 scale Pitts Challenger III.

The process involves making a simplified plug and laying the final, airworthy fuselage directly on that plug. This saves considerable time over building a detailed plug and pulling a complex mold from it. There are advantages to that method, but for models that you only want to build 1 or 2 of this alternate method can save you a lot of time.

Full details on the build can be found at http://forum.flitetest.com/showthread.php?22283-Scale-Build-Off-1-4-scale-(55-quot-)-Pitts-Challenger-III

Music by Eric Matyas
“Monster Street Fighters”
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11 Responses to “RC Scratch Building – Fiberglass Fuselage Without a Mold”

  • Youssef El Chami:

    Really impressive! I want to use the same method for my 1/10 scale Harrier AV-8B. I bought Blue foam which I want to make the mold from and then use this easy method to fiberglass it. Can you share more details about the stuff you used? the resin, and if you used gel coat and paint? I need to know exactly what you used please and thank you for your help much appreciated!

  • Yu An Shi:

    Would it make sense to not remove the foam for an RC plane?

  • Aero StartMs:

    What name this foan you used for make this fuselagem first u make parts one by one can give me link what locate sell it

  • Leonard Boisvert:

    My next project will be the Canadian CF – 100 Canuck Mark 4 Scale 1-6.75

  • Leonard Boisvert:

    I really like your method will apply your method on my next project, thanks

  • leavitttrucking1:

    Can you do a 33% engine cowl for a extra 260

  • Plasmodium:

    Scary to see how the hours passes by on the clock ! well done

  • Remko Jerphanion:

    This is really cool! I will be using this method for my model boats, so thanks for the inspiration!

  • Peter XYZ:

    Doctor who fan ????????????

  • joeshmoe12301230:

    This was awesome. Thanks. Where can you get the foam you used to make the plug?

  • iggi:

    I was mesmerized by your clock. Can you put a date calendar next to it?

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