Scale RC Helicopter Build – Fitting Mechanics Into A Scale Fuselage

My Scale RC Helicopter Build method/s & tips for fitting mechanics into scale fuselage using 600ESP mechanics and FunKey 50/600 size scale Bell 222 or Airwolf fuselage.

Looking for information about FunKey scale fuselages?

What type of foam is used for the “floating mounting plates” in all my scale RC helicopter builds?
I use closed cell EVA foam. This can be from old blade holders, inexpensive kids flip-flops, or those 2×2′ interlocking foam floor mats you see at home centers and big box stores.

What glue to use to glue the EVA foam? As stated in the video at 16.21, I use Household Goop to glue. Shoe Goo will also work. Both are safe for the EVA and sticks well to both carbon and fiberglass while remaining flexible for vibration immunity. Goop Glue also takes time to setup, giving you ample time to ensure the mechanics are perfectly aligned inside the fuselage.

Video Chapter Time Index:
0:00 – Intro
1:37 – Scale fuselage modifications
8:13 – The RC helicopter mechanics
12:38 – Mounting the mechanics into the fuselage
26:42 – Fitting the tail rotor
31:08 – Fitting the LiPo battery

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18 Responses to “Scale RC Helicopter Build – Fitting Mechanics Into A Scale Fuselage”

  • John Salt:

    Want to learn more about scale RC helicopters? This page on my website covers all the common & not so common questions:

  • Christian Harm:

    Sad to see that you spend so much time on the hull, but placed the tail rotor on the wrong side…

  • Andy Joel Harper:

    Doesn't the tail rotor belong on the left? Love this video! Thanks:)

  • Derredmax:

    Thanks John!

  • Jerry Chevalier:

    Outstanding tutorial

  • Jason Burks:

    were can i buy one

  • Jason Burks:

    how much one cost

  • David Jones:

    Awe man the AirWolf 600 size Is the one I want but this looks way past my skill level so I am at a loss maybe my local store would be willing to put it together for me at a affordable price or maybe they might be willing to take payments.

  • Emmanuel STANDAERT:

    My. Jet ranger. « Santini air >>

  • Emmanuel STANDAERT:

    Verry gold ???????


    Dear John, I would like to have a mock 600 size Airwolf like this for display purposes. How much would it cost to have one built ? Non functional for display only.

  • LJaysPerspective:

    I just came accross ur esky F150 vid and i saw this one popped up. I thought the Bell and Wolf were Tubine powered because of the exhaust. I have the Align 700 among others but what a good vid enjoyed it. I have a 450 Bell but never never installed. I wish it was a 500 body 450s are more twitchy. Ur helis look great nice scale appearance. I see that setting these up is a bit of work even when things should line right up. Very nice.

  • Darren Elmslie:

    Thanks for another great video John (and for taking time to answer the questions on stuff that you cover off in the video. Every time..!)

    I am gutting a badly put-together 800 size Vario Airwolf at the moment to convert it to electric mechanics. It uses the original solid frame mounts of course and although I wouldnt need to change them for the conversion, your comment is making me think it would be worth it.

    There's no reason the anti-vibration mount system wouldnt scale is there? (No pun intended)

    Also, I was half expecting the upper frame mounts to use a very thin piece of foam too. Doesn't direct mounting those negate some of the benefit, or do they have to be fixed to prevent needing bigger cutouts in the doghouse?

  • ??:

    I got a lot of hint building my airwolf 600. Thank you

  • John Butler:

    Ah 1 cobra attack helicopter and ah 64 Apache longbow helicopter

  • John Rohlfs:

    ?gbsct??thanks from John Robert Bruffett Junior of United States of America

  • justanotherguy:

    Great video! Thank you so much!

  • Frank Hamilton:

    Ordered one of those but it never came trued to get one but it never came was going to show my neises how one fly's but it never came I don't know if it was my address or the place just didn't want to send it but I still love the coppter thanks!!!!!!!!!!

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