EC-135 Fiberglass RC Trex 450 Heli Fuselage Lights

I purchased this fiberglass fuselage from Equipped with GT Power 8 LED system. It was not too difficult to put together, but I learned some hard lessons about CA glue along the way.


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  • wfrederick2501:

    Well the tiny amount of blue that I used seaped through the cracks and soaked into the painter's tape. Then the tape made a rock solid nasty surface all over the outside of the helicopter and windshield. It took a lot of time but I shaved off all of the CA glue and painters tape from the exterior. I used modeling putty to fix imperfections or accidental nicks I had made with the razor. I then sanded the surface smooth and re-painted. I found the perfect color match metallic paint @ Hobby Lobby

  • wfrederick2501:

    I learned some hard lessons about CA glue while assembling this. The plastic windshield did not fit exactly after being cut out of the mold. It was supposed to be screwed on to the exterior of the helicopter however I decided to glue it from the inside of the helicopter rather than show uneven edges and fit issues on the outside. I had to find a way to hold the windshield in place while gluing so I decided to use paI was very careful to use only a conservative amount of CA glue with a micro tip

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