Scale RC Helicopter Build – Roban EC130 800 Maiden Flight.

In today’s scale RC helicopter build of the Roban EC130 800 size heli, we’re getting the tested mechanics installed and getting the EC130 airborne.

I’ll be covering important scale RC heli build items such as battery placement, fitting the mechanics, fenestron blade clearance, RX current draw, center of gravity and how not to fry your lighting system.

We’ll then get this big beastie up in the air for the first time with the fuselage fitted, further checking operation, vibration and post flight log data.

By the way, motor to main shaft reduction ratio of the Roban HSM 800 mechanics is 13.8:1. I only mention this because I had a hell of a time finding it, and it’s of course needed for correct head speed calculation in your governor setup.

Roban EC130 800 RC Helicopter Build Series:
Part 1 – Unboxing:
Part 2 – Component Selection:
Part 3 – Building Mechanics, Setup & Test Flight:
Part 4 – Fitting Mechanics & Maiden Flight:
Part 5 – Scale Details & Full Flight:
Part 6 – Scale Pilot & Dialed In Flight :

Video Time Chapters:
0:00 Intro
1:11 Checking RX Current
2:16 Battery Fitment
4:37 Don’t Fry Your Lights
7:02 Fitting The Mechanics
8:28 Fitting Tail Boom & Fenestron
10:04 Electric Component Connections
11:42 First Spool Up
12:45 Center of Gravity
15:00 Maiden Flight
20:26 Conclusion

List of components I’m using in this Roban 800 Super Scale EC130:

– Flight Batteries: Gens Ace 6S 5100 mAh 80C LiPo
Gens Ace 22.2V 80C 6S 5100mah Lipo Battery Pack With EC5 Plug

– RX Battery: Gens Ace 2S 2400 mAh RX LiPo
Gens Ace 2400mAh 7.4V RX 2S1P Lipo Battery Pack with JST-SYP plug

– Egodrift Scale Collection brushless motor 4035hs 460kv:
Egodrift Scale Collection 4035HS / 460kV Motor (6×40)

– Castle Phoenix Edge HV 50V 120A ESC:

– Bavarian Demon 3X Flybarless System:
BavarianDEMON 3X Flybarless System

– KST Brushless HV Digital BLS815-V2 Cyclic Servo:
KST BLS815 V8.0 Digital Brushless Servo HV 8.4V 0.07s 277oz

– KST Brushless HV Digital High Torque X20-3612 Fenestron Tail Servo:
KST X20-3612 Digital Brushless Servo HV 8.4V 0.11s

– Roban 800 Super Scale EC130 RC Heli Kit:
Roban EC-130 Grand Canyon 800 Size Scale Helicopter – ARF

– Roban EC130 RC helicopter 800 English Manual:

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This video is for information purposes only; it’s no substitute for the years of collective pitch RC helicopter building & flying experience required to successfully put one of these big Roban scale kits together & fly it.

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