Heli-x – RC helicopter flight simulator

While my first heli V400D02 don´t come, I will keep on trainning…..
By the way, very nice simulator.. enjoy it
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  • ronatoju:

    @Marco Calado?

  • Marco Calado:

    I got a Devo7 for my helis and I use a radio from Skyartec (sky-706v) to run the simulators. This Skyartec is the best for sims because simulates a normal Joystick, so you can play need for speed with a radio controler if you desire it… You can use a normal joypad to run simulators, however you got to get one from Logitech or even better, a xbox one due to the lack of precision on the cheap joypads that will make impossible to hover a heli… I hope this info is helpfull for you mate, Cheers!?

  • ronatoju:

    May we know what's your tx??

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