Water-proof helicopters flying and floating on famous UNESCO lake!

Water-proof helicopters flying and floating on famous UNESCO lake!

This month we are in Turkey for some flying/cruising and swimming in the rain. Location is ultra special and among the most beautiful places on earth: It’s famous Pamukkale in Turkey, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It looks like mountains of snow – in reality it is limestone deposited by thermal water. We are grateful to Pamukkale authorities for granting us permission to fly and record at this location. Not a hardcore stunt action but certainly one of the most beautiful flying we’ve ever done. Hope you like it! If you do, don’t forget to leave us a thumbs up and maybe a few words!

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14 Responses to “Water-proof helicopters flying and floating on famous UNESCO lake!”

  • Shortys channel:

    Are they really waterproof??

  • jyoti ranjan:

    how to make

  • skytd915:

    Nice flight and nice video!

  • RC Fun Fly:

    Ein Badespielzeug für große.

  • gabrielwong1991:

    Why you guys still use flybar? Is it because there is load so flybar would not wobble whilst flybarless you need to adjust the gain so save the hassle?

  • Kim Dra:


  • Kim Dra:


  • turbojohno:

    schaut ja wirkich nach unglaublich viel Spaß aus! 🙂
    Mit dem Heli im Wasser bei dieser wunderschönen Gegend rum zu plantschen… -echt traumhaft!!

  • FotoAmg AmgFoto:

    Forget the helis and show us the Lady 😉


    That is impressive what size helicopters are those?

  • Rotormatic:

    Awesome.  I've been wondering how our RC helicopters could handle flying in all out rain.  Provided the electronics don't short out, it looks like they could do it.

    One stunt you guys can try is flying in an all out rain storm.  I don't think that's ever been done with RC helicopters.  It would provide us with some answers to all-weather capability (or not).

  • kktpp:

    That was great guys! I want to put floats on my heli this year and try it out. Using floating boards or pool noodles is a good idea thanks. Keep up the great work and Happy New Year guys!


    Very nice job 🙂
    Ton of fun over there!
    Waterproof helis, only guys like you can think about amazing stuff like that lol
    And you selected a very nice place for doing it!
    Happy new year to all the crew 😀
    All the best for 2015

  • 4thGloryMonday:

    I so needed more than 2 minutes of that

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