Episode 4 Piro Flying, demystifying pirouettes. Auggie's RC Helicopter Instinctive Flying Method

Episode 4 Piro Flying, demystifying pirouettes. Auggie's RC Helicopter Instinctive Flying Method

Auggie’s RC Helicopter Instinctive Flying Method Episode 4 Piro Flying Techniques, demystifying pirouettes.
Learn how to perceive pirouetting flying in a new way so that your brain can handle any pirouetting maneuver with ease.
The video is divided in two sections first learning synchronization and then learning full stirring piroflipping after the synchronization has been learned.
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3d masters 2012 venlo bobby watts night flying saturday 14-07-2012, the routine starts at 1:50 and 0:08 midland helicopter : bobby you rock rc heli helicopter


18 Responses to “Episode 4 Piro Flying, demystifying pirouettes. Auggie's RC Helicopter Instinctive Flying Method”

  • Yaniel:

    Auggie, I've watched this video probably 10 times in the last month and yesterday it finally clicked. I was able to finally understand the point of Auggie's ring and what you meant by correcting by moving the stick later and earlier. Beyond that, I finally understand what "flying the disk" means. I feel like I progressed 10 years in the hobby overnight. Thank you.

  • helikrysly:

    WOW WOWO WOW. That's so impressive. Both Daniel's learning curve and your video and method. I think the technique and way you convey this is perfect. I've been looking for a way to learn this properly for so long. And what you are providing here and how it is structured is absolutely great. I'm in my mid-40s and unfortunately can't currently implement Monkey see, monkey do 😉 But I now have a crazy ambition to relearn my heli flying with your method. I'm already looking forward to all the next videos which I still have to watch and which ones are yet to come. Big respect and thank you to you.

    Greetings from Germany

  • Flybar UK:

    With this method, do you still have weaknesses that you continue to work on? So even though you can fly around pirouetting, you might struggle doing piro loops left to right for some reason. And how do you get over the weaknesses?

  • Branislav Klco:

    Hi Auggie, I was trying hard to do pyro-flip for months. Now after 2 weeks practicing (not much intensively) your method I'm pyro-flipping (steering). Still in SIM but I'd got the point. Thanks. In general I understand that it could be applied to any pyro maneuver. What I'm not sure and some guys here are referring to that is that instinctive method can be used generally to fly heli. Can you explain that pls?

  • Flybar UK:

    Thanks for that. Have you got any tips on rolling?

  • Harry van der Heijden:

    Hi Auggie thnx for all those beautifull video’s just one question in heli x you fly on the snohomisch field, i like
    this field a lot can yoy tell me where i can download this scenery.
    Thnx in advance Harry from Amsterdam the Netherlands

  • Kez Inch:

    Which do you prefer using NEXT or HELI-X, have NEXT thinking of getting HELI-X.

  • hav:

    Well Must say Auggie been doing this for a week now and yeah it has made piro flying so much easier I fly mode 1 so had to make a few changes but it has made Simulator flying so interesting Thankyou for sharing

  • hav:

    interesting will try it seems to be same idea with learning all orientations thanks for the share

  • Dee Jordan:

    Great vid ty so much

  • Stein Bulgogi:

    This really works. I am still training myself to ignore my old reactions. I am grateful for this and will soon be getting over a major plateau.

  • Stein Bulgogi:

    THANK YOU Auggie!

  • Steven Gershick:

    Fantastic training session Auggie. Daniel was AMAZING pulling off full piro flipping in one week!

  • Jakob JFPV:

    I like your easy and intuitive way of explaining, but in this video you basically talked about pulling on the elevator at a specific moment while piroetting. Obviously, there is much more to a real pyroflip (if flown properly) as you correct the movement on the roll axis as well. Do you plan to make a video about an actual piroflip with your technique?

  • SkinnyBoyFatt:

    Hi Auggie, my name is Lou (LL-Cool-T on Helifreak) and I saw what happened on HF. I'm sure I'm not alone when I say how much I appreciate your efforts to share your skills with us in a hobby that is very unique and difficult to say the least. I, along with many people that use your technique know how effective this training is. I will follow you along here and hopefully we can continue this very interesting effective method of learning 3D. Once again, Thank You for taking your own time to make our hobby more fun for us.


  • killstrees:

    Did he bounce off the ground at 5:08?! Insane flying! Awesome video. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  • MrArron76:


  • Emiel Sijbers:

    thanks, it was great. hopefully they are back next year in venlo. great event

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