EdgeTx for Helicopters: XK K110 Mini 3D RC Helicopter Flight Test with Boxer EdgeTx

Take the XK K110 Mini 3D RC Helicopter for a thrilling flight test, showcasing the power and versatility of EdgeTx technology. Elevate your RC helicopter experience with Boxer EdgeTx. Experience the performance of the XK K110 Mini 3D RC Helicopter controlled by the Boxer EdgeTx transmitter. Watch the helicopter in action with precise maneuvers and agile flights

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14 Responses to “EdgeTx for Helicopters: XK K110 Mini 3D RC Helicopter Flight Test with Boxer EdgeTx”

  • Dzoel viqor:

    Assalamualaikum ?, sorry i want to ask Is thare a special tune for this hali form your first buy like p.curve or any ? I want to study for 3D is there a special tune?

  • Femtophysiker:

    Resort location? Very lovely place!

  • lupel120:

    Hey don’t forget to tune your tx16s to the specific centre range . If you don’t especially with sfhss you will get signal problems . It’s right under the protocol you select . It has to do with Rssi

  • EQ RC:

    Don’t use Tx. I just get RTF helicopters . I fly the Rotor Scale Helicopters from Motion RC. ??????

  • Tom Koller:

    I have a radiolink EDGE TX zorro. I'm not a Fan from this radio. I have online this. Can i bind this helikopter to radiolink zorro htx?

  • eTexNerd:

    Haha! Now we know why the resort near Nakhon Sawan put protective barricades around their baby trees: they heard alishanmao was bringing his helis! LOL. ? Seriously, thanks for sharing this, I've heard the K110 is nearly indestructible. I'm curious: do you have an XK K123 (Squirrel) or K124 (EC135)? Do you like them? How do they compare to the K110 and to each other? I've been considering getting an XK. I think I like the K124 for its bigger battery, lighter weight, and smaller size compared to the K123, but the Squirrel is much prettier.

  • Mark Cascio:

    Last year you were not a fan of converting to EdgeTX. I'm glad you finally came around! There are several lower cost copters than are attractive, but I would not want to fly them with anything but my Radiomaster TX16S. Hopefully you will record some setup videos for them with EdgeTX…

  • Sayem's World:

    How are you brother?

  • izzani@iela channel:

    Thanks for sharing sir

  • Tom Koller:

    Einmal "gebratenes huhn" bitte??

  • RC-linkspyder:

    Hi Ali; I'm coming from multirotor world and would like to know if it's possible to bind a radiomaster zorro(4in1) with this helicopter; thank you

  • David Rivero:

    The Blast !! Nearly indestructable & althou outdated by todays standards, it does has a large following & will be with us for years. We hope .?

  • Realimation:

    Are you going to make a tutorial on how to properly setup the boxer with 3d helis? Especially with Eachine models

  • Mazli Alias:

    Boxer 4in1 or ELRS?

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