How to Fly 3D RC Helicopters Beginners RC Helicopter Flight Tutorial

Hi, it’s Alishanmao, and welcome to my channel! Today you will learn how to fly 3D RC Helicopters without a flight simulator. This video will provide you with the basics of controls, RC Helicopter orientations, and quick lessons, tips, and tricks on how to hover, learn and practice various orientations and forward flight basics and practice. If you have bought a collective pitch 3D RC Helicopter and you are not sure how to fly, this video will teach you all that you need to know to learn to fly your 3D RC helicopter. Have fun and don’t forget to comment.

Watch Part 2 of How to Fly RC Helicopters:

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18 Responses to “How to Fly 3D RC Helicopters Beginners RC Helicopter Flight Tutorial”

  • math_is_my_god:

    Big UP!
    “Glass plate/metal ball concept”
    Is the unique gift I take from this video.
    Foiled is New managements “no home projects at work policy” there is no limit to how low tech im willing to go in order to continue working towards my goal of becoming an “ace aviator on the sticks”.

  • Michel Petrus:

    Best tutorial about getting into rc helis. Thank you.

  • TheMetaform01:

    Amazing explanation now let’s see if I can do I have a nano s3

  • paulo borges:

    Great tutorial, you're a great way to easy-going teach and understand. Thank you

  • Ken Chau:

    You are a great RC helicopter teacher. I guess that you have RC toy shops and schools?

  • Michael Saber:


  • Selenga Ostr:

    Hi! I don'T know how to send you a video about the flight of an FW helicopter with a constant inclination of the plane of rotation of the helicopter blades to the right and down by 4-5 degrees!!! It should be parallel to the Earth! So you need to adjust something in the settings of the FW200 controller.The second problem. The QR code of the APP to configure FW200 using the phone does not open the program does not open the program for the Android phone. The error of the program of the company FW ! Inform the company about this error. And I won't be able to fix or adjust my FW200. Help! You're friends with FW, right?

  • Selenga Ostr:

    Hello! The FW200 helicopter flies or hangs in the air with an inclination of the axis of rotation of the blades to the right and down about 3-5 degrees….Flight mode – Stable-.

    Question Is this normal or do I need to adjust it somewhere?

  • A nice person:

    You have explained every perfectly and easy to understand. Very well done and thank you.

  • turion b:

    awesome video thank you sir. can you maybe give a option for a good flight sim to learn? thank you

  • bren Simmons:

    Hi do u have any ideas about zino mini pro disconnect

  • Erik Jensen:

    Big like for you sir. Thanks for the lessons.

  • luke gordon:

    I am only 9 mins in and will watch more tomorrow. But I want to say – I have wanted to fly RC heli and planes for 35 years but have never got round to it..I want to get a heli for me and my son and these tutorials look good and we'll done. I will continue tomorrow

  • Albatross:

    Many blessings Alishan.

  • Rough Life:

    The glass plate and ball analogy was fantastic and the clip was well done visually including reflection of the instructor. Cool shot.

  • David Bennett:

    Very well explained. Thanks

  • Mobility Mara:


  • Runkels McDougal:

    Been out of the hobby for 10 years, great to come back and see you again

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