"From Sim to Field!!", RC Helicopter Simulator Basics by Nick Wisdom

HD Team Pilot, Nick Wisdom, is back with another episode in the HeliDirect Beginner series. Nick walks you through the process of setting up a radio control helicopter simulator and discusses how to configure your transmitter to work with one. Then start practicing your 4 basic orientations to transition from the simulator to the real thing, or from “Sim to Field” as we like to call it! If you’ve had questions about how simulators operate, and why you should start with one, this video is for you!

Accu RC simulator:
AccuRC 2.0 RC Flight Simulator (Download Version)

Next Flight Simulator:
Next CGM RC Heli Flight Simulator (Download Version)

Spektrum Transmitter
Spektrum NX8 8-Channel DSMX Transmitter Only

Radiomaster Zorro Transmitter:
RadioMaster Zorro Max ELRS – Black

FR Sky X20 Transmitter:
FrSky Tandem X20 Transmitter w/Battery + SD Card + Handle Shells – Black
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9 Responses to “"From Sim to Field!!", RC Helicopter Simulator Basics by Nick Wisdom”

  • @67minivan:

    Seem this simulator has also been abandoned… what happened to all the updates?

  • @johnahamelv:

    Very nice video. I look forward to your new podcast.

  • @Charlvdwalt073:

    Charl south africa Thank You for videos REALLY REALLY APPRECIATE it

  • @cruxio02:

    AccuRC has been abandoned

  • @stevejohnston8543:

    Good advice however, my advice to any beginners watching is what you’ve summarized in a brief video will likely take a hell of a lot longer to actually learn properly. Also, a Sim is very helpful, but it is in no way a replication as far as I’m concerned. I think my XK110 more than anything else for helping teach me the basics. If you can fly that twitchy little thing, you can handle a bigger, bird much easier. I’m at the point now where I’m gonna use my Sim to get my inverted hovering down. Funny thing, though, is when I first started I was more comfortable with nose in and that would be how I would re-orient myself. Then I focused on tail in I have since become more comfortable with that.

  • @deersbrook4485:

    I have Accurc on Steam but don't have the RAW 700 in my model list! Is there a way to update it to get this model?

  • @rchelicopter:

    Nicely done Nick! ?

  • @nfavor:

    I appreciate the video. It contains a lot of good information but the thing I'll share that few of these videos do, is that a beginner will watch these videos and think it's something they can learn in a few days. Most likely it's going to take a few days to learn each orientation or maybe even a week or more if you don't get consistent practice in. Don't worry. These videos completely gloss over how much practice it takes to learn these initial skills! The biggest thing is to get consistent practice in and you'll definitely start improving. You will crash A LOT in the beginning but you will start learning how to hover in each orientation. Be patient and stick with it and you'll get better. Another thing to note is that having good hovering skills will help you later on. It absolutely ties so many things together later on.

    Once you can do tail in hover, Heli-X has an excellent pirouette trainer that's better than RealFlight or AccuRC. It forces you to learn your orientations. You can set it to clockwise or CCW and adjust the rate. Much later on you can also use it to learn inverted pirouettes as well.

    Learning RC heli is much more like learning piano or guitar. It's not quick but it's been incredibly incredibly rewarding.

  • @x3mperformace:

    One of the best vid's i've seen ever, on how to use the sim, and the basic skills.
    Great content. ?

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