M2 Mini 3D RC Helicopter Aerobatics after flying GPS Heli

I have been flying H1 GPS helicopter and was feeling that maybe its making me a little dull at 3D RC helicopter flying. So I bring out my M2 mini 3D Helicopter to test if my 3D Skills are still alive. Of course I had some simulator practice just to catch up. Enjoy the video. This helicopter still rocks. The sound of high RPM Blades on M2 metal rotor head is simply music to my ears.

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OMP M2 RC Helicopter. I love this thing. Its pefect for me to parctice 3D Flying in my garden. This ist the best flying Heli in this size and its a Beast!

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Im just a guy from Switzerland who loves to fly FPV quads auf RC Planes 😀


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15 Responses to “M2 Mini 3D RC Helicopter Aerobatics after flying GPS Heli”

  • gonzilla10721:

    I have been watching and enjoying your videos for years!!! I love the fact that you enjoy what you are doing and it shows. I also blame you for buying a drone!!!LOL!!!

  • Kevin VanDerbeck:

    Looks like you still got it.

  • prtka66:

    Good work . I used the settings for Futaba TX. Your review. Thanks a lot.


    hey ive been watching u since i was 10 years old now im 21 like u made my chilhood awsome haha glad to stumble upon your new videos again.

  • Ari Copter:

    Asalamualaikum mr Ali, i am from Indonesia like your channal

  • Richard Maddever:

    I have started on my H1 build into a 450 heli… have you made a start yet?! If all goes well Ill fit the H1 into a 550 or 600!

  • Kevin Goldbey:

    OK thanks so much great help u think they do all that for u it its rtf I no its easy but getting at computer is not with that soft wire

  • Ant-Man 11:

    Does anyone know when this heli will be available again,…..I can't find any in stock anywhere.

  • Code Master:

    I'm really liking that Heli. Now i'm wanting one to FPV. Nice flying!

  • FreeRange Chicken:

    Outstanding! Actually, you’re an excellent 3D, and otherwise, pilot and I enjoy your videos very much. Thanks for the demonstration !

  • MicroHeli:

    Belo vôo

  • Vapletrichs Gne:

    You would probably enjoy it more if you turned the headspeed down lol.

  • technology and teck and Fun things:

    I totally agree flying on the simulator is not flying GPS is better all the way love My FlyWing FW 450 and you really get a feeling of what it takes thanks for such great videos can't wait to see your H1 controller setup video

  • LMC54:

    Lovely flying there, great control on such a small heli

  • Humberto Alanis:

    Question: i´ve seen radios with 18-24 channels, did you realy need all of them? how may you use normally? i only wanna fly 6ch helis, and no sense for me, thanks for your videos.

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