V912 Heli from WLtoys

V912 overview from WL Toys. First day / Third Flight.
This thing is a blast! Can beat it for the price.
Never flown an RC Heli, but have alot of simulator time on Realflight from Great Planes, so I was able to fly this right out of the box. I suggest getting a simulator, as it will save you time, frustration, and $ $ .
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  • Vincensius Dwinatha:

    After my v912 crash from 3 meters height, no longer fly anymore even main blade still spin.Main blade seems still in good condition.How to fix the problem? Thank you

  • Texas UAV Pilot:

    Amazing helicopter, 4 years later and I ordered a V912 brushless and arriving in a few weeks. I own a WLotys V913 but it's under repair waiting for a small part to arrive.

  • Jorginho Luz:

    Essa cor do helicóptero lembra o capacete do Ayrton Senna. Ficou top. Parabéns

  • mwc66:

    This heli is Hobby Grade (just about) as all the parts of this copter can be ordered as replacements. The ability to order spare parts to fix damage or upgrade on any rc model is what seperates it from toys, and the price as well. Nice video

  • carbspoker cozey12:

    Nice video I had 1 gave it to my kids to play with

  • Kevin Roberts:

    Great little fixed pitch heli, although heavy. Would be nice if someone made a carbon fiber frame for it.

  • Shahran Ansari:

    Aapna ya helicopter keha sa khreda hai kitna ma khreda hai

  • eskimo joe:

    My motors keeps going out and it’s having trouble binding.Is it cuz of the battery not being charged enough?

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  • James Williams:

    One of the best toy grade fixed pitch helicopters. The V911, 912 and 913 are all very good. This is one of those models that has been around for years and years for a reason.

  • Manuel Parente:

    I love to ingeniering?

  • bogdog999:

    It appears to be somewhat heavy. A lot for the price though.

  • Prussian84:

    Brushless for the V912 means only the main motor is brushless. The tail motor stays a brushed motor. In this case, it s the best way to order 2 or 3 from china for about 4€ each.

  • Biagio kai:

    there so easy to fly best first rc helicopter

  • Edmar Ribeiro Ribeiro:

    Gostaria muito de ter um v912 pena que aqui no Brasil é muito caro já faz muito tempo que estou batalhando para poder comprar um ..

  • Vipin Sharma:

    Great little helicopter

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