V911 Review – 2.4Ghz Mini 4 Channel RC Helicopter – Indoor/ Outdoor

TheRcSaylors: http://www.youtube.com/TheRcSaylors We bring you the 2.4Ghz V911 Mini 4 Channel RC Indoor/ Outdoor Helicopter for our review and opinions of th…


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  • cj cj:

    TIPS: Give drops of WD40 oil in every bolt, joints, gears, bars and inside
    of motors. That way you can reduce more than 50% of sound and lots of minor
    vibration from it.

    My v911 and other hovers at one spot accurate smoothly. :)
    I didn’t trim any adjustment from controller except for tail motor rotate.

    From heli, I adjusted link bars from servers ( Very Important/takes long
    time and every each spins from it makes lot difference ) and give few drops
    of “WD40” at where it needs ( link bolt, joint, gears and inside of motors )
    Also did you know WD40 can protect damages on joints and gears from
    crashing to the wall or heavy fall?
    Plus it will give boost which means it will run faster.
    WD40 is desgined for professional use thin oil for so many years.

    Hope it helps alot. :)?

  • ron g:

    headsup go to http://www.banggood.com and search for V911 and see what u can get
    for $23-the green v911 and parts. tell them appletreeedge sent you. ya?

  • warp00009:

    Great review! Now under $40 on Amazon… Haven’t been happy with the
    general stability of the newer Air Hogs models, so maybe get this after
    Christmas -:)?

  • DJPERO pero:

    have one but like three times biger?

  • punk guy:

    I broke mine the first day :/?

  • Elisee Nicolas:

    Awsome vid, you guys are keep up the good work. Guy an Gal reviews for RC,
    what more do you want! Abbey your going to get girls to start the RC craze?

  • Lewis Dobson:

    Commented a couple of months ago saying mine was broke and I got a new one
    about 1week after my comment and I love it now I have got good with flying

  • chris ceee:

    I got mine for $40.
    In any case, V911 rules! ^^?

  • Elisee Nicolas:

    Nothing cooler than a chick thats into RC! She rocks!?

  • TheRcSaylors:

    Thanks for your kind words skibbadabba! That’s a great price on the V911,
    which we bought ours in a store and they had the price up a bit to make a
    profit, but that was okay with us. Gotta help the RC community sometimes!
    That’d be awesome to hang out and fly our copters together some day =^)

  • skibbadabba:

    just wanted to say that this video is wicked!!! I watched this and decided
    to buy the v911 pro !!! i got it for about $39!! i also boughts most of the
    upgrade parts for the nine eagles solo pro which fit right on easy!!!! p.s
    i wanna hang around with u guys (rcsalors) ur cool !! 😉

  • David Duthinh:

    For me I’m having Charging issues I had to ask my dealer for a second
    charger to charge my batteries even after reading the manual plenty of

  • David Duthinh:

    For me the part that I’m having an issue is charging. I know it sounds
    silly but I follow the directions and follow the pictures for charging the
    battery but every time I plug the battery into the charger. The LED light
    status on the charger doesn’t seem to be working and I got another charger
    with the same results.

  • TheRcSaylors:

    Hey that’s a Great Deal chris payne! It’s amazing what it’ll do for that
    price! Thanks for watching!

  • TheRcSaylors:

    Thanks David Duthinh! We’ll definitely take a look at that copter. What
    seems to be going on with yours?

  • TheRcSaylors:

    Ours seems to fly almost perfectly, especially while indoors. If you’re
    flying outdoors the wind will definitely play into how it flies since it’s
    so small. Thanks for watching ben chya!

  • ben chya:

    its it actually unbalance while flying?? cuz mine flying stable but
    unbalance position

  • David Duthinh:

    Nice camera work! Could you guys do a review on the Helimax MD-530 TX-R or
    RTF? I got one of those and I’m not having much success.

  • TheRcSaylors:

    Ha, thanks a lot MrPenetrat0r! We try our best =^)

  • MrPenetrat0r:

    Impressive camera work!

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