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RealFlight G5 RC Airplane Flight SImulator Helicopter Demonstration Synergy N9

RealFlight G5 Heli Demonstration. Nothing crazy, just the basics.
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heli RC Flight Simulator training . Level 1. December 2012.

Imagine flying a different plane or heli every day for months; with RealFlight 6.5 you can! In addition to over 95 models with the RealFlight 6 .5 software you also get your choice of an Airplane Mega Pack with over 35 extra planes or a Heli Mega Pack with over 45 additional helis. Realflight G6 is the latest release of on the the most realistic flight simulators available for radio controlled airplanes. It includes the simulator, USB Interlink Controller (Heli Configuration – can be used to fly airplanes also – there is no ratchet on the left hand throttle stick, and the auxiliary buttens have been moved to match commn heli configurations), and the Helicopter Megapack. It offers a wide range of realistic flying fields, water landings, obstacle courses – and even on-line combat against other players. A simulator is an excellent way to learn to fly radio controlled airplanes. It will more than pay for itself because when you crash, instead of having to go buy replacement parts – you just click a button and get back in the air! If you already own a compatible controller with a trainer port, you can connect it to the USB Interlink controller and use you own controller for real stick time. REQUIRES: Minimum Recommended System: (Note: Some graphical features may be disabled. Aerodynamic calculations will remain high-quality) Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7 (Local administrator access required) Intel Pentium 1.0GHz or equivalent 512 MB RAM 5 GB Hard Drive Space DVD Drive


Clearview Flight Simulator – Blade MSR (big) RC Helicopter

Check out my website at spinningblades.blogspot.com – Flying the Eflite Blade MSR (huge version) using the Esky USB Simulator Transmitter and Clearview Flight Simulator . The MSR is a bit greater that scale but has the identical flight attributes. Examine much more about it on my blog site at http
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RC Flight video clip of funnels. Understand to fly funnels and fly sideways in each orientation. This video clip guides you via what to apply on your simulator so that you grow to be self-confident flying funnels. Learning funnels and sideways flight is a important ingredient to a successful 3D routine. Make positive you apply this step for thirty minutes a night time and i assure you will have it down in no time. For much more info and the full guide pay a visit to chadrg.com


RC Heli master Flight Sim

I am making an attempt to understand how to fly C helis, I was recommended to get a flight sim … you can get them with a USB transmitter, so you truly fly via ‘sticks’ not just keyboard and mouse. I was not convinced at initial, but I acquired 1 anyway (RC Heli Master by Reality Craft) and from waht small genuine RC heli flying I have carried out, I feel it IS beneficial. If for absolutely nothing else than getting the gist of which way you will need to push/pull the leavers dependent on what the heli is up to. This vid is very amusing – I am only actually still trying to best the hover … in genuine RC I have not experimented with anythign else … but as this is a virtual copter (and will not likely cost me £many if I crash) … I decided to open her up …. wager you thought it was heading to end in a crash failed to you?!!? … me too if I am straightforward … goodness understands how I received it again!! :-DDDD Anyway, enjoy!
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CML Reality Craft RC Heli Master Flight Simulator

A £20 R/C Helicopter Simulator. It is of decent quality and functions eight Helicopters which includes four scale, one Colective Pitch, one Fixed Pitch, 1 Co-axial and one Micro Helicopter. It attributes three Flying areas , a 3D Office, a Gymnasium Hall and a Cricket Field. Excellent value for cash!


Performance Test Flight FPV RC Helicopter Heli Chopper Mini Titan E325 Dive High Speed Low FPV UAV

Does an individual know why the heli violently pitched up at the dive? (I had 0° blade pitch all the time) 9th FPV heli flight More compact and lighter landing gear (stock gear as an alternative of T-Rex 600) The helicopter tipped more than at a stupid variety check on the ground with very low head pace before- had to change the flybar and two servo gears The main gear misplaced some teeth but the motor can’t slip so I did not exchange it- you can only listen to the gap at the helicopter sound The blades are grazed at the ideas but no difficulty I have tested the RC range of the heli, it is approx. 600m with activated video clip TX, no motor. RC transmitter height ,5m, antenna showing upwards, heli height 1,5 m, completely flat location with line of sight Setup: Standard Thunder Tiger Mini Titan E325 Aluminum rotor head Aluminum washout base Kontronik Jazz forty-06-eighteen ESC Hacker A20-6XL motor without cooling fan (broken at a crash) Thunder Power 11,1V 3s 20C 2600mAh LiPo battery (weighs only 188 g!) 3x Thunder Tiger C1016 swash plate servos 1x Futaba S3114 tail servo Robbe- Futaba GY-240 gyro BBT Maniac 321 CFK blades, 2nd option Align Tail Rotor Blades for T-Rex 450 (plastic) Graupner- JR MX-16S, forty Mhz transmitter Graupner – JR SMC-19 DS receiver with 1,75m antenna (Lamda/four) Approx. 2600 rpm headspeed +- 7° blade pitch FPV Setup: 1,3 GHz 400 mW video clip transmitter and receiver from BEVRC with stock 3 dBi antenna on RX and little Lawmate three dBi antenna on TX WDR700 camera (Sony Super HADII CCD), factory configurations Microphone Weight FPV


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