XK K110S 3D Aerobatic Flight Testing More Crashes More Fun

Welcome to 2nd flight testing of XK K110S mini 3D RC helicopter. XK K110S is equipped with 6 axis gyro and a 3D Gyro that makes it an absolutely beginners friendly easy to fly RC Helicopter in 6G mode and provides even better and more locked in 3D aerobatics flight performance for intermediate to advanced pilots. With new brushless motor and parts improvement, its now even better than before. With a 3.7volts battery it offers plenty of flight time as well. Not just that, XK K110S is most durable Mini 3D RC helicopter. Crash it without worries, its built durable with durable gear and parts that it just keeps flying even after many crashes. If you are looking for a durable and beginner friendly mini 3D RC helicopter for fun or learning to fly, XK K110S makes a superb choice.

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15 Responses to “XK K110S 3D Aerobatic Flight Testing More Crashes More Fun”

  • @frisos3944:

    I have been flying this little helicopter for 9 months now. It takes a lot of abuse, but things brake now and then. The spur has the tendency to go lower on the shaft. You lose climbing power when thats the case. I have loctited a screw in the hollow shaft to prevent this. The spur will deform from the crashes. This will result in bad vibrations and make it fly very unstable. Some times you can straighten the spur and sometimes you need to replace it. The turning half of the swashplate has the tendency to separate from the stationary half in a crash. Sometimes you can push it back in and sometimes you need to replace the swashplate. The tailboom will split after a number of crashes. Recently the helicopter lost climbing power. The culprit were the servo’s that lost power over time. When applying collective, the cyclic servo’s were pushed down. Got them replaced and the problem is solved. Parts are very cheap, but i have to wait 2 or 3 weeks for them to arrive from china. So i stocked up on certain parts.
    When learning new moves i always take this heli because it crashes so well and saves me a lot of money. I saw Ali catch the heli in mid air. I did this a few times because the landing gear was broken. I don’t do that anymore, because the last time the blades hit my thumb and resulted in a deep cut. It’s more dangerous than you might think.

  • @nicolasmace7562:

    I enjoyed your video and your personality is refreshing. Would you recommend a beginner to learn step by step with a XK K110S? Thanks

  • @achmadzulfahmi2603:

    want to ask: how do you activate the 3D mode on this T14SG transmitter? please hint

  • @achmadzulfahmi2603:


  • @yobrojoost9497:

    Man, those crashes were brutal! And that little heli just got up and flew as if nothing happened! I just got one of these and this video is very inspiring. I'm not going to try aerobatics yet, just normal flying is hard enough. But it's nice to watch what this little machine is capable of in the hands of an experienced pilot like yourself.

  • @dpsj28:

    Hello, your K110S seems to be very stable in 3D mode, what are your gyro settings between 0 to 30 in 3D mode please ?

  • @antoniofrance8:

    Xk 110s le meilleur helicopter 3d pour aprendre la 3d sans rien cassé valeur sur c’est le numéro 1 pour les débutant je suis comme un mome très facile à prendre en main et la version rtf franchement la radio x6 fait vraiment le taf

  • @1anre:

    What's the name and model of the scooter you use to go to the park to enjoy your RC toys?

    It looks really sophisticated.

  • @rudd2962:

    bro better to buy XK K110S or Flywing FW 450 for beginner trying to learn 3D or should there be other models to consider …

  • @user-zb4yj3cj2d:


  • @cruxio02:

    banggood states its exactly the same components as the 110 just a different canopy ?

  • @suji99hettiarachchi:

    Hello need a video about this k110s setup with the xk x6 transmitter video

  • @microhelicopters2106:

    What a great helicopter, this helicopter will be great for me to learn 3D .

  • @JrLongo:

    Passando aqui para prestigiar o canal forte abraço..

  • @haditjandradjaja8403:


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