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New KYOSHO 260 gasser RC helicopter

1) Fuselage duration: 1730mm 2) Fuselage height: 740mm three) Payload: 6000g 4) Main blade diameter: 1650mm 6) Motor: Gas 26CC This is a huge scale, gasoline run KYOSHO 260 radio managed helicopter. It is new, aluminum improve parts on the chopper, further elements and further tail rotor push belt, a ported cylinder with tuned pipe (also not installed), the Gasoline 26CC gasoline motor, and a cable and computer software for a computer simulator using this controller. I can electronic mail a lot more images if you would like. It can be shipped, but it will be partially disassembled for delivery. I have all homeowners manuals and it is a solid chopper.
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RC Helicopter GIANT SCALE Gasser Nitro Electric outsite in the parking lot.

Me flying my new GIANT SCALE Gasser outsite in the parking lot.

RC Helicopter Hughes 500 Defender 3D heli fly,close call,crash,MD500,Cool,landinding,
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Gasser RC Helicopter Spectra-G (by Miniature Aicraft)

Flying a gasser Spectra-G after mounting, next video with some maneuvers and fast forward fly.

Does your RC helicopter spin out of control in the air or uncontrollably on the ground, are the batteries charged and it still doesn’t work? Is the trim set all the way and it still doesn’t work, don’t worry, it’s not as big of a deal as you may think, and you can fix it quicker and cheaper than you ever imagined. I tried to fly my syma s008 Sunday morning and it didn’t want to fly. It did the same thing a number of my viewers have asked about. It spun on the ground and wouldn’t get more than a few inches in the air. The problem isn’t the batteries in the transmitter or the helicopter, and it isn’t a bad motor. This is a cheap simple solution that works on almost all 2 and 3 channel helicopters. The key is to spin the rotor in your hand and try to see if it gives any resistance. Thanks for watching rc 101 with the Taoistflyer tune in for more fun aircraft videos.
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