Firefox C129 4ch Flybarless Micro RC Helicopter RTF w/6-Axis Gyro first Maiden flight in 2021

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This palm-sized micro helicopter is packed full of features to help make it fun and relatively easy to fly. The flybarless system coupled with the 6-axis gyro stabilization unit gives it a stability not seen in many helicopters of this size before. The included 2.4GHz transmitter gives you full control of the helicopter. It allows you to climb or descend, fly backward and forwards, fly left and right, and rotate left and right. You can also select whether you wish to fly Mode 1 or Mode 2, and also there is a switch to increase or decrease the amount of rudder authority.

One of the features which will help beginners immensely is an auto take-off and landing button, a single press of the one-key button will make the helicopter take-off to an altitude of about 1.5 meters, press the same button again and it will safely land. Then there is the “Altitude Hold”, this is controlled via a barometric sensor, the helicopter will hold any height you set and will stay there when the throttle stick is set at neutral. To move to a new altitude simply move the throttle stick up or down until you reach the altitude you want, return the stick to neutral and it will stay there until you move the throttle stick again. An emergency stop function is also supplied, press, and hold the altitude button for 3 seconds and this will stop the motor instantly.

Being flybarless reduces the risk of damage to the helicopter in the event of a crash and also increases the flight time due to less drag. The included 300mAh 25C 1 cell modular battery is quick and easy to install and gives the Firefox an amazing duration of up to 15 minutes. This modular battery is charged using the supplied USB charger, this provides a fast and stable charge process. The Firefox is manufactured using high-performance components and materials which provide strength, are impact-resistant, and made to last.

• Fitted with a 6-axis gyro and flybarless system for the ultimate in stabilization
• Includes a switchable 2.4GHz Mode 1/Mode 2 transmitter
• Uses a barometric sensor for altitude hold
• Auto take-off and land function
• Flight times of up to 15 minutes
• Manufactured in crash-resistant materials
• Emergency stop function

Type: Firefox C129 RTF 4ch Flybarless Micro Helicopter
Frequency: 2.4GHz
No of Channels: 4
Transmitter Range: 80~100 meters
Transmitter Modes: Mode 1 (right-hand throttle)/Mode 2 (left-hand throttle) switchable
Motors: Brushed
Battery: 3.7V 300mAh LiPo
Charging Time: 60 minutes
Flight Duration: Up to 15 minutes
Body Length: 267mm
Body Height: 80mm
Rotor Diameter: 248mm
Weight: 50g

Firefox C129 RTF 4ch Flybarless Micro Helicopter w/6-Axis Gyro
4ch mode switchable 2.4GHz transmitter
3.7V 300mAh LiPo battery
USB charging cable
Spare set of rotor blades
Spare tail rotor blade
Spare set of linkage rods
Hex wrench
Instruction manual

4 x 1.5V “AA” batteries
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12 Responses to “Firefox C129 4ch Flybarless Micro RC Helicopter RTF w/6-Axis Gyro first Maiden flight in 2021”

  • EQ RC:

    Got one coming !!! Wait and see what I do to it. Used your link Brothers !!! ???????

  • Ermeson:

    Ele dá pra corta a rotação??pra não quebra

  • ??????????? ?:

    how far it can goes guys???

  • plop:

    Capitain im back hahahaha just have order one owyeah greets from nl

  • Gravity Alchemist:

    Great… Thanks!

  • GamingLegend:

    are you rusian

  • Kanha Vlogs from odisha:

    What is the price it's helicopter

  • Jean-christophe a:

    No 3d flight with this model?

  • Brian Roberts:

    Mine should be here in an hour or so
    UPS usually runs around 3:]0 PM or so. It's almost 2:30 . Yay.
    We have around 8 or 10 FPV quads/drones and probably a dozen or more Co-Axials. B O R I N G
    My FPV Quads are pretty easy. The Beast 906, and the Hubsan H107D + has GPS. the SG700D has alt hold. Optical Flow sensing and the Cheerson CX30, and Hubsan H 105 both have built in color monitor.
    But I have so many trees around here I want something a little different without having to worry about throttle management.
    I only had to pay $70 and I got 4 batteries and 2 day delivery.
    It looks like one I can sit down and relax with. Especially with an advertisement of 15 minutes flight time.
    I can't wait.

  • RC4LIFE:

    Great video guys, I just ordered mine!

  • Kleiton Melo:

    Top…estou orçando este modelo..

  • Rita Martins:

    perdi o meu a um mês sempre choveu em cima dele muitos dias achei o ontem enxugue a água carreguei a bateria e ele funciona imprecionante sem dúvida muito bom e bem feito este heli v911s

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