OMPHobby M1 Review – Amazingly Fun Micro 3D Helicopter With Direct Drive Performance.

The OMPHobby M1 is a 130 size micro 3D RC helicopter with predictable and fluid flight characteristics that will not disappoint.
Regardless of your flying style, from tame to insane, this little micro collective pitch RC helicopter will do it all well. The M1 is the smoothest flying 130 size RC helicopters I’ve ever flown!

The M1, just like the M2 uses a low speed, high torque large diameter direct drive brushless main motor instead of a less expensive smaller high speed, low torque motor with pinion and main gear. This is the biggest difference between it and every other micro heli in this size segment currently on the market.

A direct drive brushless main motor is a more expensive way to run the main rotor, but it has so many advantages… Efficient, quiet, powerful, operates nice & cool (longer motor & bearing life), is way more robust and reduces the parts count. It also looks great!

Combining a powerful direct drive tail motor to the mix which gives class leading tail lock & authority, along with an outstanding design & bright easy to see canopy graphics simply makes the OMPHobby M1 a joy to own & pilot. This is what RC helicopter fun is all about.

OMP Hobby M1 Manuals:

January 2021 Update. The M1 now comes in a Futaba S-FHSS protocol version as well as the OMP protocol version – see links below.


1. OMPHobby M1 Heli OMP Protocol Version @ Buddy RC:

2. OMPHobby M1 Heli S-FHSS Protocol Version @ Banggood:
Limited time coupon code: BGM1heli (offer good till 01/31/2021)

3. M1 350mAh 2S LiPo Pack:

4. Special JST XH 2S Parallel Charge/Balance Harness:

5. My OpenTX OMP Protocol Setup Video:

6. My OpenTX OMP Protocol Logical Switch Throttle Activation Video:

7. My how to setup collective pitch RC helicopters eBook:

Video Chapter Time Index:
– Intro 0:00
– Unboxing 0:35
– M1 Size & Comparisons 2:03
– Canopy & Tools 3:44
– LiPo Battery Discussion 5:10
– M1 Electronics 7:27
– Cool OMP M1 Design Features 12:14
– Binding the M1 15:44
– Antenna Wire & Heli Weight 19:10
– Flight Test Demo 19:45
– Conclusion 24:22

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14 Responses to “OMPHobby M1 Review – Amazingly Fun Micro 3D Helicopter With Direct Drive Performance.”

  • Buddy RC:

    LOLOL There are much better ways to get a shave. Awesome video as always John.

  • USA Usa:

    Do you know about the soft blades? Ps great work!

  • Nature in Austria:


  • dJong Mauro Poozle:

    Wow! Never seen anything like it. The maneuverability, semi-frighteningly incredible. 

    ( I'd like to see a life-sized one.

    ( … w/ the pilot operating the "RC" while inside of it, in the cockpit. 

    ( That'd be ridiculous. )

  • CM:

    Do you know if a .9mm or 1.27mm hex driver can fit the small screws? They're the only driver sizes that seem to be available anywhere.

  • Roman:

    Hello John. Quick question on blade tightness. You mentioned on your site that blades should sit tight enough so when you shake a heli vertically, they would fall. So I did as you recommended, but when I start electric motor, blades start to swing different directions until the rotor speeds up to find their CG. How come on videos of Trex 500 flying, when guys spool up, their blades dont swing around, even on professional guys videos? Does it mean they have their blade bolts having tighter setup or it means my bolts are too loose?

  • CM:

    Great video. Thanks! Do you know the precise size of the hex driver that came with your kit? Is it 1mm or slightly larger? My kit (and apparently others) did not include the driver. If it's 1mm, I've yet to find one to purchase anywhere. Thank you again.

  • Alexis Rojas Gonzalez:

    Thanks for sharing your video,quick question if you don’t mind;is this micro heli sold in Amazon downhere in Europe?.
    Thanks a lot

  • Danny Murphy:

    Nice video beautiful helicopter

  • dj louis:

    Yeah just order mine omphobby m1 helicopter. I'm going to do some changes like my omphobby m2 explore helicopter can wait

  • BrandoFPV:

    Nice thinking about getting back into cp helis. This might be the one to get. Charge harness video would be awesome. Would like to use my charger I use with my quad batteries

  • Marcel:

    Received mine today, heli is awesome! But I screw-drivers weren’t included

  • MD Automation:

    Thanks for this review. Very good explanation and detail of this helicopter. Simple question, how long to fly in normal or scale mode.

    Greetings from Quebec, Canada.

  • Kiwi_craig RC:

    top work mate, great review. have linked you to the RCG M1 page

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