Introducing Eachine E120S Direct Drive Mini 3D RC Helicopter

Check out the newest Eachine Direct drive mini 3D rc helicopter, the all new Eachine E120S. It’s a brushless motor direct drive mini 3D RC helicopter in a budget designed for beginners. And that is why it can only handle mild 3D aerobatics, its not designed for hard aerobatics. Its very stable, easy to fly in 6G flight mode for beginners and in 3D mode you can pull soft 3D moves. Enjoy the video

Eachine E120S Helicopter:

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15 Responses to “Introducing Eachine E120S Direct Drive Mini 3D RC Helicopter”

  • Mark Calleja:

    I just got my eachine e120s after watching your review, I took it for the first flight today and after landing on some grass I noticed the tail boom was loose ive tried to tighten the small Allen key but it seems not to tighten that much to the point that I can twist it fairy easily with 2 fingers , should it be like this ? Maybe it's like that so it doesn't brake I'm not shure

  • eTexNerd:

    Excellent video. You are a good pilot with lots of knowledge! I'm and old man, and a heli newb. I had been considering either this E120S or the E150. After much internal debate, I ordered my first collective pitch heli yesterday: the E120S RTF. Factors included cost (I know I'll crash a lot, so keep investment low), and the accessibility of the battery (less fidgeting around with the canopy between battery swaps). If I get better, I might upgrade to a E150, E180, or even E200 BNF. I still have lots to learn about the E6/X6 transmitter, curves, and all that. Gyro and Servo calibration and all that stuff too.

  • Andreas Schuster:

    hi, why you fly so far away? i`v an lenovo t420 an i see only a black point on the screen

  • Sa pick:

    Hi Ali, nice flight as always… Trying to decide between the e120s and the k110s. Since you flew both, which one would you recommend to learn 3d? (durability, quality, flyability, etc.) Thanks a lot

  • kola:

    Hi 😀
    For a long time, I have been watching these tiny RC helicopters. Now I am 35 years old and finally bought one. It cost €25! But it is fun all day long.

    Now I know I want something bigger …. I watched YT all day about RC models (including your channel). And I'm not sure what to expect on a budget of € 100-200. I thought the second-hand market could be of help to me? How to do it?


    Sorry for my english, i'm polish and i live in germany. Have a nice Sunday!

  • mastmalang70hk:

    than i m the second one??

  • gary murphy:

    Hi Ali, would you be able to do a short vid on setting up the tx16s for the e120s? Your radio setup vid is great for the goosky s2 and omp m1/m2 BUT the e120s uses 2 flight modes,not 3 and the supplied rtf radio has 2 switches ,a 2 fm switch and gyro switch. how do you set these up on the tx16s? help would be great

  • John Abrahamson:

    Nice review Ali, I would love to have this model but here in Australia due to our low dollar It is a over valued. If our dollar value increases in the next month or two I could be tempted.

  • Sayem's World:

    Excellent presentation and in detail explanation regarding this RC.

    Your table is so colourful and nice to see. But I have one suggestion, Can you avoid the trees and soil as Helicopter background when flying? Because I can't see the helicopter properly in that time 🙂

  • Tomek Szpernalowski:

    Hi, Alishanmao der kleine Heli ist bei dem Hintergrund schlecht sichtbar! Danke ?

  • Nicolas Harmegnies:

    Hi Alishan. Does the xk k130 perform better than this one? Which one of the two you would choose?

  • Antonio gipsy:

    Xk 110s vs 120s eachine ??

  • Alexandre Queiroz:

    Hello, Ali, you are the first. Apparently Eachine is abandoning production of the E160, replacing it with the E120. In your opinion, does the E120 perform on par with the E160?

  • Short Clips Victoria:

    Usually Eachine tries to improve on currently existing helis. This thing looks like they took and E150, shrunk it down and added all of the things you wouldn't want. ?

    Half the reason for a canopy is to protect the battery. That flimsy balance plug is at even more risk without a nice firm full canopy. I can't believe they went back to a brushed tail motor in 2022. Might as well get an K110.

    This was a good concept with poor execution.

  • Pawe? G?sienica-Józkowy:

    How is main shaft diameter?

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