Eachine E180 Vs OMP M2 Direct Drive 3D RC Helicopter

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OMP Hobby M2 Vs Eachine E180 Direct Drive Dual Brushless Motors 3D RC helicopters. As promised, here is a complete and brief Comparison video of OMP M2 and Eachine E180, Direct Drive Dual Brushless Motors Mini 3D RC Helicopters. You can watch both OMP M2 Direct Drive 3D RC helicopter and Eachine E180 Direct Drive 3D RC Helicopter from up close, see the comparison of all the important components and parts, and bonus watch the 3D flight performance testing of Both OMP M2 and Eachine E180 Direct Drive 3D RC helicopters. Eachine E180 is definitely a tough competition for OMP M2 helicopter and other Mini 3D RC Helicopters in this very same dual brushless motors Direct drive RC Helicopters category.

E180 BNF: http://tiny.cc/jhmbtz
E180 RTF: http://tiny.cc/ihmbtz

OMP M2 EXP 3D Heli: http://tiny.cc/0dsbsz
OMP M2 V2 2020 Helicopter: https://bit.ly/3fEFErH
FW450 V2 PNP Version: http://tiny.cc/mey6tz
FW450 RTF Version: http://tiny.cc/ley6tz
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00:00 Beginning
01:10 Looking at Helis
01:30 Choice of Radios
03:43 Size Comparison
04:36 Tail Boom n Motor
05:03 Skids
05:23 Main rotor head
06:45 E180 New Feature
08:00 Flight controller
08:48 Frame
09:16 Servos
10:30 Motor
11:20 Tail Motors
11:52 Main blades
12:42 M2 3D flight
17:43 E180 3D Flight
20:18 Bug in my nose
22:13 conclusion

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19 Responses to “Eachine E180 Vs OMP M2 Direct Drive 3D RC Helicopter”

  • Milan:

    Hi, great review. Please, give me an advice. Is it possible to control OMP M2 EXP with transmitter from E180 (with the help of OMPHOBBY M2 EXP/V1/V2 RC Helicopter Parts Mini SFHSS RX/SFHSS Receiver Board)? Thank you for your reply.

  • Robin Davies:

    Hi, at 8:29 on the video you refer to the DSMX connection on the E180. Would it be possible to bind this heli to a Spektrum DX6e radio? IF yes, how?




    Hi im pretty new to flying hell's an your videos have helped me a lot . thank you . I appreciate it very much

  • Philip Taylor:

    Thank you for the great in depth comparison. I'm going to go for the M2. I gave up on tail driven motors after the old blade mcpx but these seem to hold really well.

  • d n:

    so whats the conclusion ? which one is better

  • zmanphx:

    Compare weight , battery and cost between the two . Also availability of parts.

  • Quintin Lindsey:

    Man if you could mix those two helis together you would get the perfect backyard flyer!!!

  • hardcornelson:

    Don't say ugly 3D, it's 3D man. Most of the People can't do anything like that…. 😉

  • Rui Silveira:

    Hi from Portugal! Great video, its always fun to see your videos,gratz!
    Can you link the sbus receiver your using on the M2?
    Or a similar one


    Nice comparison! I've been watching your videos since 2007, golden times of the ESKY Belt CP, Honey Bee King… I can realize the rc helicopter technology has not evolved like the drone technology, but I still like it quite a bit. Take care!

  • Jason Matthews:

    It's a good thing I'm an actual paying user of YouTube…. Because your video has an obscene amount of commercials/ads. It's a wonder you have any subscribers.

  • M Mounir:

    Bismillah al rahman al raheem


    Yeah I think they are the something only thing is the canopy

  • Gustavo Soto:

    Greetings:It would be AWESOME if you could make a video in how to setup the eachin180 to the tx16s.I have just bought the 180 and have the 160 I'll be using the 160 controller,but also bought that badass transmitter your pusihing.Keep up the OUTSTANDING flying and GREAT reaciews?

  • Michael Blue Castle Studio:

    Thanks for the comparison … nice video??

  • SupremeRC & Esk8 Tech:

    You are using the old version M2 this is not the v2 version?

  • SupremeRC & Esk8 Tech:

    Neet I'm doing a few vids on these omp. Great helis both.

  • Eduardo Resende Eduardo resende:

    Muito bom amigo duas maquina boa!

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