Coming clean with you about my addiction

Coming clean with you about my addiction

Back in the summer I did an RC car video, almost as a joke. Well, a few companies sent me some real nice cars, and they got me hooked. Now, I’m a full blown RC hobbyist. I get to be a beginner at something again.

If you’re interested in any of these cars, I suggest you try your local hobby shop before buying them online. Nevertheless, here’s what was featured in the video.

Land Rover Defender (TRX-4)
Ford Broncho (TRX-4)
Jeep Gladiator (SCX-10)
Chevy C-10 (SCX-24)
Suzuki Jimny (Mini-Z 4×4)
Jeep Wrangler Rubicon (Mini-Z 4×4)
Can Am (Axial Yeti JR)
Rat Rod (Unknown)

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16 Responses to “Coming clean with you about my addiction”

  • Berm Peak Express:

    It feels good to come clean. This has really helped me get my mind off the nerve pain during my recovery. If you follow me on Instagram you know this pain may last up to a year, and that I have to take a lot of medicine and go to a lot of doctor's appointments. We think some of my nerves were damaged during an injection after the surgery, and nerves heal slow. The second I can get back on a bike, I will. Until then we can drive RC's, fix bikes, and watch my friends ride bikes!

  • 1thess523:

    I took my drivers license test in a navy blue Ford Bronco like that Brown RC back in 1993 , 33 in Mickey Thompson tires on that thing. It was my best friends and he took me to the DMV and let me use his truck which I had never driven before haha, I passed !

  • Chymira:

    well it could be worse

  • Nick james:

    That bronco tho! Keep on truckin


    Wish I had one ?? I can not afford it

  • Alex Bingham:

    My dad bought a TRX4 like 5 years ago, he lost interest in it pretty soon after and one day he just gave it to me. After that, it was over. I have 12 crawlers most 1/10th a couple SCX24s all built and customized, 5 brushless speed/bashers. I even made my home buying decision with crawling in mind, I've got a house with a creek on the property. It's been great for my mental health and gets me out of the house. It's truly an amazing hobby for anyone to enjoy.

  • Juan Carlos Sanchez:

    Don't try fpv

  • riley parker:

    I feel like Seth has kind of gone through my child hood. I liked bikes then rc and then back to mountain bikes

  • candybutcHer:

    i thought he was gonna say dr*gs

  • Marc-Andre Levesque:

    RC is a money blackhole 🙂 It is a VERY expensive hobby, but coming from mountain biking … well, it is kinda more of the same money wise lol

  • Danielle Macdonald:


  • Izen’s 4K camera:

    God is with you all godbless and your families and everyone in the world amen ? god and Jesus are good

  • Frank Papadakis:

    rock crawling is a blast, I have a 2021 Jeep wrangler rubicon with some 37" tires and a 3.5" lift plus a ton of other mods. Nothing beats a weekend of shredding some mtb on a saturday, and then wheeling in the Jeep on sunday.

  • Allan:

    Fuck you. Now I want one… And I dont have no wife to get mad.. which means more dumb decisions.. GOD DAMNIT…. <3

  • Big Beards Garage:

    Man i feel your pain. I got addicted to RC crawling after a bad knee injury. Stayed inside for about 8 months and didnt have the energy or reason to get out. Bought an scx10ii kit one day and that got me going out to the park every other day or so. After about a month or 2 i bought a couple scx24 crawlers and started a backyard course. A couple months after that i ended up buying a huge lot of trucks and parts. I have about 7 big rigs and my 2 tiny trucks. Im all in with my hand in the honey pot. Going out all the time and hiking trails got my knee back up and im starting to lose all the weight i had gained hahaha. My favorite is my wraith rock bouncer. Got a couple grand tied up in it but its totally worth it! Keep on Crawlin!

  • Noah Tapia:

    What is the small buggy called?

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