FW450 3D RC Helicopter H1 GPS Heli Autopilot complete Review Flight Testing

Learn to fly 3D RC Helicopters, Fly Inverted and Perform 3D Stunts on your very first flight. Yes Flying 3D RC Helicopters and learning to fly 3D RC helicopters now becomes as easy as 123 with H1 GPS Autopilot. FW450 is a 450 size 3D RC helicopter that comes ready to fly and all setup with H1 GPS Autopilot. All you need to do is charge batteries, Go Out and start flying a 3D RC Helicopter like a champ.

6 year old Flying and Doing inverted: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MwylNyTzf34
9 year old flying and Doing inverted: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tiFVJvCyj8A

Not just fly and learn to fly 3D RC Helicopter in few minutes but also You can fly inverted, perform inverted 3D stunts like backward inverted, inverted Funnels etc, and even cut grass flying 3D Helicopter inverted on your very first flight.

FW450 V2 PNP Version: http://tiny.cc/mey6tz
FW450 RTF Version: http://tiny.cc/ley6tz
OFM RTF: http://tiny.cc/cy67tz
OFM PNP: http://tiny.cc/dy67tz

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16 Responses to “FW450 3D RC Helicopter H1 GPS Heli Autopilot complete Review Flight Testing”

  • Eude Moura:

    Você tem fw450v2 pra vender completo qual o valor?

  • Michael Hoskins:

    Good morning or afternoon Ali, Thank you for the video. It was very very helpful on setting up my helicopter. How many meters will it go up & out?

  • Brian Heaton:

    Love your videos. Keep up the good work.

  • Cataleya Sevilla:

    His sir . Is the battery sh0uld be c0nnected t0 the heli bef0re calibrating?

  • MARCAIR×?????:

    I'm planning to buy it soon, too. I enjoyed the video, bro

  • Neil Justine Almenor:

    Hi ali does it require drone license to fly?

  • tony sciolino:

    when i try to start the heli in gps it goes from flashing yellow to solid green when i switch it from stop to run it stays solid green so I can"t get the blades to rotate can you please HELP

  • Yubukai:

    Hi, Do you still recommend this model as one of the best for this price point? I have lots of experience flying Blade nano S2 and similar and now looking for something more robust, that I can fly outdoors and will introduce me to 3D.

  • Sarl Tech Clinic:

    bonjour pouvez vous me dire si il faut calibrer l'hélicoptère avec le pc pour chaque vol merci

  • Sarl Tech Clinic:

    Bonjour j'ai le même hélicoptère par contre j'ai un petit problème il recherche les gps lumière LED reste verte je mets les deux stick sur le côté droit pour le déverrouiller et plus rien ne se passe la LED verte ne clignote pas elle reste fixe et les moteurs ne se met pas en route quelqu'un pourrait-il me dire d'où vient le problème merci

  • Jose Urbano:

    Very good. But the price is very high.

  • John Blythe:

    Hello Ali i have a JCZK-450L which has no instructions with it "i love your new gps heli but not available in UK" do you know where i can get manual for the JCZK heli thanks also the binding seems complex it uses "Radiolink radio"

  • D. S.:

    SUPER COOL, I need this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Odysseas Argyroudakis:

    Hello shanmao!!!!I just received this heli and I cannot start it up.I have already did the compass calibration but I have stucked….and I want so much to fly it… could you help me please??

  • vincent torres:

    Hey Ali, I love this helicopter and would love to get one. Can u send me a website where I can find one in stock in the United States ??? That helicopter is amazing!!! I want it in RTF. Thanks man, love ur videos!!!

  • emsman59:


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