YS-X6 Flight Testing Pt.1 – Flight with Radio

onlyflyingmachines.com In this video you will see the flight testing of YS-X6 Multirotor Autonomous flight system using Radio system, the take off, controlling the multirotor and flying, auto return to home and auto landing features. We were busy testing the YS-X6 Multirotor Autonomous flight system thoroughly and we are happy we did. Every day we brought the F550 equipped with YS-X6 Multirotor autopilot out, each day we came back with smiles, seeing the superb performance of this system, ease of use and coolest features it offers. Not only this system is extremely easy to install and setup (Totally plug and play) but also it delivers supreme performance right from your Android or IOS based devices that you can use to control all the the features of this superb system. YS-X6 makes life of an Aerial Photographer even easier by offering Solid GPS Position hold, Full autonomous Google earth based GPS waypoint navigation flight, Auto take off, Auto Return to home and land, GPS enabled Phone tracking and following and much more. Not to mention, flying your multirotor using an Android or IOS based device just takes the tedios job of learning to fly totally away and puts even the total beginner right there into Multirotor flying actions. Flying a multirotor and shooting great aerial videos has never been this easy. Comments and feedback welcome at [email protected] , [email protected] and [email protected] Don’t forget to visit www.onlyflyingmachines.com


15 Responses to “YS-X6 Flight Testing Pt.1 – Flight with Radio”

  • moedangerous:

    Hi Ali great video as always. would? you recommend this over the dji wookong m? I have a gaui 500x and I’m looking for something that makes aerial photography easier. Thanks.

  • Jeff Patterson:

    Thank you for? all the great YS-X6 videos. I’m wondering if you can tell me how to adjust the steering ( yaw) speed on the YS-X6? I cant seem to find the adjustment screen that allows this to change on the GCS? Thank you.

  • Shane Niles:

    cool thanks for that info? alishanmao

  • alishanmao:

    I am extremely happy and extremely satisfied with FrSky Module performance and range. :) geting it for futuba has? become a must. I got like one module telemetry receivers 6 of them and many Sensors with hub, all in a cost still less than the Futaba 2.4ghz module and futaba 2.4ghz receiver. plus it works better than futaba 2.4ghz modules.When my model is going out of range i get beeps from module and i know its time to turn back to home :)

  • Shane Niles:

    hay what radio is that and is that a module you got in the back of the radio is it the FR Sky? module i have got a Futaba FP-T8UAF redio and im thinking of geting the FR Sky module for it if thats a FR Sky module tell me what you think of it ??

  • Atarix777:

    very? nice :-)

  • alishanmao:

    yup on my site. Save? some money now

  • xrayracer1:

    Thats feakin’? cool man!!

  • moomman89:

    so? cool

  • Ikillyou701:

    first :)?


    Called FailSafe System? =D

  • Chuck Peck:

    Verrrrry Sweeeet Ali, are they ‘on sale’ yet ? ¿ verry nice indeed…trying to figure out what i can sell so i can get all this stuff heheh…no …seriously…lolol…


    Dude,? this is already availible…

  • alishanmao:

    it is a very good idea. I? will convey the message to Zero Tech :)

  • eveningniteshade:

    A ‘limp home’ mode would be good on hex copters.? If it can self detect a motor or a ESC has died then the brain of the hex converts to quad mode and auto returns home

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