KDS 450SV 2nd Flight more 3D

This is the 2nd flight of the day for KDS 450SV. We tried more 3D and this bird simply proves awesome for a good starter 6 channel 3D helicopter even in RTF …


12 Responses to “KDS 450SV 2nd Flight more 3D”

  • WoWserverDown66:

    My Flymentor Balances awsome upside down…I think u meen to say Flymentor position mode dont work upside down balance mode works inverted?

  • Member0123456:

    Thanks for your Videos.
    I was shopping for a beginner heli and the KDS 450S was recommended..
    I’m going to look into the 450SV to see what the Difference is.

    Hearing your comments (Good for Beginner) has me sold on this model of Heli. for sure.

    Nice flying.. (Upside down) COOL. & the person shooting the video. Good Job also !

    Can you make a video to show what you need to do with the controls to fly Upside down.

    Oh. and what to do. to get? back Right Side up. :-)


  • alishanmao:

    well you can set what ever throttle heli flies well. Too less a throttle and heli will wobble. so keep linear? throttle for normal and idle up for 80% to 75%. for pitches you can set linear but do set D/R (Dual Rates and Expos) to soften out the heli on cyclic

  • Ariel Abesamis:

    hi Ali can you give me a good throttle curve (normal & Idle) and also the pitch curve for beginner…..? thanks

  • Ariel Abesamis:

    hey Ali. I’m a newbie in 6 channel heli and i got KDS 450c last 2 months and only I know is hoovering around 2 minutes or less. I? was afraid to try to move my heli far. i also have a phoenix sim, on sim can make a simple trix like tick tock and i can land it safely. but in actual if afraid to do it. Can you give me an advice…. I also watch your basic 6 channel flying here in you tube that’s why i buy a kds 450 heli.

  • ripghost:

    Sweet nice heli and nice flying? Ali

  • hbert06:

    Flymentor works inverted! Just? not in positioning mode. You should have realized that.

  • alishanmao:

    3 or 4 years now?

  • NOODLES5008:

    dude that was awesome, i kept thinking? it was going to crash in to the water but dam nice vid dude btw how long have you been flying rc helicopters for?

  • sundown798:

    Nice session? 😀

  • alishanmao:

    it wasn’t full stick mate.? :)

  • alishanmao:

    thanks mate. but i am still? learning

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