Will a Gas Engine Run on RC Racing Fuel? Let's find out!

Will a Gas Engine Run on RC Racing Fuel? Let’s find out!

Products Tested In This Video (in no particular order):
RC Racing Fuel: https://amzn.to/3aMvwvv

Videography Equipment:
Sony DSC-RX10 III Cyber-shot Digital Still Camera: https://amzn.to/2YdXvPw
Canon 70D Camera: https://amzn.to/31b5Gy0
Azden Microphone: https://amzn.to/34d3DLE
Go Pro Bundle: https://amzn.to/31aince

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10 Responses to “Will a Gas Engine Run on RC Racing Fuel? Let's find out!”

  • owen:

    Please try 30l normal petrol plus 5l 30percent rc fuel in car like to see if you get more power an run s well modern injection car small engine ideally

  • Ben Smith:

    I miss these crazy engine test

  • Breaker One 9:

    I have a crazy one if you haven't done it yet….. Will your little motor survive on Coleman camping fuel??? ?By the way keep it up love all the work you put into your tests.

  • Alpha Dog Custom Cycles:

    I am sure others pointed this out, but tuning for this fuel is quite different from tuning for gasoline.

    RC car racing fuel is mostly methanol. The oil is added because most RC engines are 2-stroke.

    Methanol fuel needs two things in particular. It is a heavily oxygenated fuel, so it requires waaay bigger jets in the carburetor. It also thrives on much higher compression.

    Some RC fuels also contain nitromethane. Mostly RC planes use the nitro mixes. RC cars have much poorer cooling, so tend to be run on less powerful fuel to prevent overheating.

    Go Kart racers with modified Briggs engines extract a hell of a lot of horsepower from these little 4-stroke engines. The don't last long, though. ?

  • Mark:

    Nothing like the smell of nitro 😉

  • Martin Miller:

    Flat heads make for great photos but have a limited compression ratio. Mill the head?

  • Martin Miller:

    Sure it will and the castor oil smell takes me back to stock car races with my father.???? yep burns you eye a little. Thanks dude.

  • ?ukasz Piotrowski:

    CAS 78-00-2 is tetraethyllead! WTF ?! Banned in car gasoline but pretty fine in RC world…

  • Brutus:

    Not probably original but run a 4t engine on 2t or vice versa

  • Henry Dando:

    I would be curious to see if there was a difference in wear between a straight gas and pre-mix (in a 4 stroke).

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