R/C Nitro Fuel.

Adam Drake from Mugen Seiki Racing talks about Flash Point R/C fuel.
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  • Hoodznchromez:

    How would flash point compare to byrons race blend or o’donnel? Both were fantastic fuels long gone.

  • MrYukon04:

    What about oil content meaning say 30% with 20% oil which is too much. Like fuel that says it's for helicopters can I run that in my OS 21 8 scale buggy

  • Leigh Olding:

    I went to my first ever 1/8th race yesterday nervous, thought was going to fant. Lol. Any who.. this guy , cause it was final points for the year, club racing… he was running his engine to the death, poping valve bouncing , ringing out over jumps, was so much faster too. Was amazing how it lasted with that high RPM.

  • Sam Proto:

    Does nitro rc car fuel go bad if it's been sitting for years in its sealed container. Let's say 5 or 10 years.

  • Shane Parker:

    Adam what is your thoughts on “break in fuel” for a new engine? Is it better breaking in your engine than using regular fuel that takes longer? Will it have an effect on the life of your engine?

  • traxxastrucks36:

    Bones brew 30/10 for me. Works great for me ?

  • Dennis S:

    So, I’ve been looking into FP30%. Currently I’m running VP30%. Would FP be a better fuel to switch too?

  • NightHawk J30:

    Used VP Racing Fuels excellent stuff way better the Traxxas Top fuel i liked that stuff but once. I switched to VP its so much better. Longer run times slightly better lower temps. And tunes better.

  • Brandon Bentley:

    RC Nitro fuel is getting hard to find or at least keep the same brand of. A whole documentary could be made about RC Nitro fuel. I grew up with O'Donnell(and only ran and could find at the hobby shop or order) fuel. Literally ran that from late 80s until 2015 or so when everyone stopped carrying it or there abouts. ?
    Then got running VP Pro, everyone had it..can still order easily and it stores well but hobby shops near me in upstate NY don't carry it like they used to. So then I git into Bones Brew(30/10) I think it is. Good stuff runs a lot Iike O'Donnell. Crisp nice tune and idle but great oil package that I can easily get 15 gal out of an engine or more. Other kinds I've got 10gal through. I run on the conservative side and a bit rich at top end but leaner on bottom. I use 6.5mm restrictor or 7mm at times. Run times of 10 to 13 minutes. But I have to order bones brew thats the bummer.
    Thanks ?

  • thebug 404:

    You ever heard of people putting their nitro in the fridge? It's been coming up now and then.

  • Dakota Wilkins-Gillam:

    I have a savage 25 but I got sidewinder 20% nitro /16% oil and all my motor does is bawg out at wide open

  • Don Petersen:

    What is the oil percentage?

  • Weston Allred:

    Ok Adam, some clarification would be appreciated. Been looking into getting my engine to run better at high altitude since I live in the rockies and combat the really hot and cold weather temps. In My research, when it's crazy hot out, run a hot glowplug and lower nitro percentage fuel and in the cold run a cold glowplug and high percent nitro. This is supposedly the best school of thought for altitude tuning. Is this actuate and if not a short video for clarification would be greatly appreciated.

  • bluesimon13ify:

    Hi I'm looking at getting into nitro cars, I will follow your channel,?

  • Aitor:

    Hello , what do u think of Merlín fuel ?

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