DIY Helicopter Flight Sim Controls

This is how you build a Helicopter Collective for your home flight sim cockpit:

DIY Easy Helicopter Collective

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14 Responses to “DIY Helicopter Flight Sim Controls”

  • Helicóptero Virtual :

  • Tim Grimes:

    What diameter PVC are you using?

  • Eric Tucker:

    I need this but I didn't see the actual cost of it.
    I even need it before going for my check ride. fine

  • sirmatt1961:

    that is the biggest piece of garbage for a collective..

  • Juan López:

    Gracias, desde Colombia 🙂

  • Jpres:

    Didn't want to buy this because i'm extremely cheap but I decided to go out and buy it. Only $28 after all for the videos. Will update with how it works out! Pretty excited.

  • B. C. Schmerker:

    This is one idea that deserves further development: For a follow-on collective, I picture a Hall-effect collective-pitch sensor, dual Hall-effect twist-grips (aux USN/Bell Aerospace Textron HJL/UH-1 series), and a switch pod (e.g., based on the Mason/Esterline throttle handle on the USAF/Consolidated Vultee F-16 but on a Cannon connector rather than a pivoted strut).

  • TheDrH20:

    Can you give me some axis settings for helicopters for flight simulator x? Any advice will help. Thanks.

  • preit00:

    Roger Dodger Aviation – correct me if I am wrong, but it looks like the collective is connected to the throttle via a rubber band.  Does this cause issues with tension and capability of releasing the collective and it not going back to a standard position?  What I mean by that – in a real sling-wing the pilot is capable of releasing hold of the collective once the setting is reached in order to adjust other aspects of the cockpit.


    hey man from where do you get these machines and in how much price plz plz plz tell me wht these machines are called also..

  • Doombacon528:

    it would be the stupidest thing in the world to do, but yes

  • Roger Dodger Aviation -:

    Are you saying you purchased the product and it didn't download? If that is the case, please send an email. YouTube does not allow email addresses in the comment section so I will send it to you in a message.

  • pete lopez:

    hi trying to get helicopter download notthing happens can i get a phone number where to call them. thank you

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