Blade 120 S2 RC Trainer Helicopter – Horizon Insider All-In-One-Box Feature

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Blade 120 S2 RC Trainer Helicopter – Horizon Insider All-In-One-Box Feature

This all-in-one-box edition of Horizon Insider spotlights the Blade 120 S2, the intimidation free helicopter trainer! Whether you are a true RC beginner or an experienced airplane or drone pilot looking for a different challenge, the 120 S2 proves to be the perfect gateway for all who have an interest in RC Helicopter flight.

The Ready-to-Fly version shown in this video comes with everything needed for flight in the box:
(1) Fully Assembled 120 S2 Helicopter
(1) Multi-function Transmitter with Spektrum™ DSMX Technology
(1) USB LiPo Battery Charger
(1) E-flite 500mAh 1S 3.7V 25C Li-Po Flight Battery
(4) AA Transmitter Batteries
(1) Tools and Extras
(1) Product Manual

*Note the 120 S2 is also available in a Bind-N-Fly for those who already own a compatible Spektrum DSMX/DSM2 transmitter.

Learn more about the Blade 120 S2 here:

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13 Responses to “Blade 120 S2 RC Trainer Helicopter – Horizon Insider All-In-One-Box Feature”

  • SpektrumRC:

    Great video! But you forgot to mention the built in Telemetry 😉

  • Happy Zone:

    can it fly in wind that has a speed of over 20kph?

  • adrian harrison:

    Just bought one of these and it is prob the easiest RC Helicopter I have had to fly, Ireally thing this time i am going to crack this..
    just wish the barrery had been twice as big for more run time

  • Mathew Swift:

    Just had my local hobby shop order the RTF version along with 3 extra batteries. Cant wait to get it!

  • Dhananjay gurung:

    Why was the battery hanging?

  • Michiel OSH:

    It is on the to-get-list now! Very cool

  • Sebastian Arias:

    nice video. i have the nanos2 and its fun to fly… rotor blades is a most to buy if yours blades break!

  • Scott Medina:

    does the remote work with the 230 S V2 and will it work with the Nano S3?

  • Cy Hazlett:

    This helicopter is junk for the price, Everytime I took it out too fly it something broke on it.

  • RC Reviews:

    It must be a super calm day because it does not fly that good with any kind of wind

  • sdssteward:

    I just ordered one on Sunday. I do fly CP helis but I love to just chill with a good FP once in a while too. Can't want to get it. 🙂 Great video, btw.

  • Nick Vledder:

    Nice heli! What FlightController does it use and can one connect it to the PC for further tuning?

  • angelsud:

    Autonomy ?

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