What’s the best Rc heli for you ? Beginners to advanced !

We fly all my helis ! Helis in this video are.

Nano s3

Blade 120s2

Blade 150s Smart

Blade Infusion 180

Blade 330s Smart

My favorite is the blade 330s !
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14 Responses to “What’s the best Rc heli for you ? Beginners to advanced !”

  • rambole40:

    First train to fly an heli at a sim before starting 3D and talk about how the model fly! You fly only around (most of the time forward and backward) whitout any control! Don`t give tipps to beginners before you self can fly ! Best greetings Rainer from Germany!

  • Dave’s fishing adventures South florida:

    i have a fleet of seven different models of blade helicopters they are crap half of the helicopers were down waiting for parts especialy tail motor burning out finally got smart stop buying parts went to rc cars better hooby cheaper

  • Stephen Price:

    A bigger heli is way more stable too. My first heli was a TREX 550E. Loved it. Fast, stable, easy to see. I found it easier to fly than an MCPX

  • Mr. Bungle:

    At least you showed you're inexperienced, lol. ?
    I'm a fan boy of HH. And blade. They are cheap compared to a real one. However, the buyer still needs to set up. If you expect it to fly awesome out of the box, it's hard to come by. (There have been a few in my life).. Once tuned, they are great, helis. But no quality control, that's on you. Lol.
    The 180 is my next buy. And the 150, lol.
    Learn to fly that 150. Or 180. The 330 is flying you, and that's not good. Too big.
    I've had most, 10 years ago. Getting back in, I bought the 230 and 330. Love em both. I need to figure out the tilt when I hit panic on the 330. But it's the same as my old 450x. Other than new lol. Have fun and be safe

  • ahwayzcool:

    Had plenty of blade helis back in my early days of flying. The mcpx v2 was the heli that taught me. Flew it EVERY day learning the basics. Now I fly the big boy helis doing big air stunts and 3d.

  • willwuest11:

    Hi I have a blade nano s3 I got awhile back and was wondering how you switch flight modes and go upside down. I have a spectrum dx6i is it my radio?

  • Merl Avery:

    Keep flying bro you are doing great. The aggressive flights will come gradually as your skill level and confidence level rises. I was were you are years ago but now I can fly the wings off your birds . It will happen. Stay on the sim .

  • Dall Shaw:

    Blade salesman??? There are other helis to consider.

  • Mark Allen:

    I would say you need to go back to basics you are all over the place which is why you keep crashing.

  • Did3D:

    looking for nano precise fly for indoor

  • ka4172:

    For me Micro Scale FM BO 105.

  • fishnfoo16:

    I got a blade 130s and a blade 230s, they both suck. I stay away from Blade from now on…

  • Lev's Flight Progress:

    Not a blade's one, that's for sure! ? (from my experience)

  • Heli Dan:

    230 s v2 are very fun . Like the 330s is more . Last time I checked it's belt !

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